At DocuSign we’re committed to developers, the developer community, and helping you to create awesome eSignature apps. Our eSignature API is robust and is getting better all the time. Our developer community is vibrant and growing. We recently released two new developer tools and we’re creating new developer content as well. We are also spending more time listening to the community. One area where we have gotten feedback around is a desire for more regular communications on a number of fronts.

Beginning September 1st, we’ll be publishing a newsletter devoted to and focused on developing DocuSign apps, our developer community, and more. We’re calling it the DocuSign Developer Newsletter, and we plan to publish it approximately every four to six weeks (often enough to keep you updated, but not so often that you’ll consider it SPAM 🙂 ).

Here are some of the recurring sections we expect to feature in each edition:

  • Tool updates – If we have any tool updates, this section will outline those changes.
  • Documentation updates – Any updates to the product or API documentation will be called out.
  • API recipes – New API recipes will be detailed in this section.
  • Product and API updates – Updates to the products, platform, or APIs will be covered in the newsletter.
  • Top issues from Stack Overflow – Common issues discussed in our technical forum on Stack Overflow will be highlighted, along with solutions and suggestions.
  • Developer spotlight – Customers, partners, and other guests will be featured in this section, along with a brief bio and how they are developing with DocuSign technologies.
  • Upcoming events – In this section, we’ll highlight upcoming events where DocuSign is hosting, presenting, sponsoring, or exhibiting.

In addition to the recurring sections of the Developer Newsletter, we’ll have links for you to communicate with us. Whether you have a technical question, suggestion, or want to manage your subscription, we’ll have you covered.

I’m in…How do I sign up?

Simply click here to sign up and fill-in the required fields. We look forward to publishing the first edition on September 1st, and we hope you find it useful. Please do give us your feedback after you read it.