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Docusign for Life Sciences

Operate more efficiently while meeting your compliance requirements

Get support to handle the ever-changing regulatory landscape in life sciences.

Digitize and connect your entire agreement process with Docusign to increase efficiency and productivity, get to market faster and keep your business moving forward.

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Two scientists work in a modern lab with tables, lab equipment and computers.

Advance your goals

  • Remove friction from your 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

    Simplify contracts, approvals and agreements while reducing regulatory risk. Life sciences organizations have been compliantly managing digital agreements with Docusign since 2015.

  • Get drugs and devices to market faster without compromising quality

    Streamline your processes to accelerate product development and commercialization for drugs and devices.

  • Uplevel your customer experience

    Enhance your interactions with patients, physicians, researchers and vendors by enabling them to complete agreements in an accessible, secure way.

Two scientists work with plants, and one of them has a tablet to manage agreements with DocuSign.

How you can use Docusign

From investigator onboarding to sales agreements, you can do business faster with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for patients, physicians, partners and employees.

Meet the needs of the changing life sciences landscape with our purpose-built bundle of products for our life sciences customers.

  • Drug development

    • Preclinical development

    • Clinical trials

    • Patient consent and enrollment

    • Site initiation

    • Regulatory submissions

  • Manufacturing

    • Batch records

    • SOPs

    • Quality agreements

    • Safety inspections

    • Recall notifications

  • Sales and marketing

    • HCP speaker agreements

    • HCP sponsor agreements

    • Order processing

    • Sample tracking

    • Sales agreements

  • Discovery

    • Sponsored research

    • Investigator-initiated research

    • Laboratory results

  • Distribution

    • Partnership and distribution programs

    • Vendor/supplier contracts

    • Agency approvals

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How life science organizations use Docusign

Explore Life Science Stories
  • Thermo Fisher

    75% of envelopes completed in less than seven days

    "We can have multiple parties post comments, edit and ask questions directly in the document, while tracking changes with a secure, digital audit trail"

    Gord Keith

    Technical Operations Manager

  • BD

    Delivers life-saving solutions faster

    "Not only did we save time and boost employee productivity, but we also helped the environment."

    Dewey Phan

    Dewey Phan

    Director of corporate quality

  • DKMS

    97% faster to get final clearance from physicians

    "Docusign helps us bring second chances at life in a faster and more compliant way."

    Kim Sivananthan

    Quality Assurance Specialist

  • ScribeAmerica

    Modernize onboarding

    "It’s exciting to see all the different things we can do outside the integration we’re currently using"

    Daniel Tehrani

    Daniel Tehrani

    Vice President of IT

A notification in Docusign eSignature prompts a user to sign an agreement. eSignature is part of our life sciences module.

Life sciences module

Support your compliance with the electronic signature practices set forth in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 21 CFR Part 11.

Our life sciences module has three components: eSignature, SMS authentication, and validation reports.

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Additional Docusign products for life sciences

  • eSignature

    Securely send and sign agreements from virtually anywhere and any device while maintaining a detailed audit trail.

  • Identify

    Remotely verify signer identity for your important agreements.

  • CLM

    Accelerate contracting with tools supporting document generation, negotiation, storage and analytics.

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Extend the impact of your digital investment with digital workflows, authentication and e-signatures with Docusign's integrations with systems you already use.

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Simplify 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Documentation

Learn how Docusign supports life science organizations’ compliance with the e-signature practices set forth in 21 CFR Part 11.

A user verifies their identity with DocuSign Identify
Partner Brief

Docusign and USDM Life Sciences

USDM provides business process, implementation, and validation services for Docusign customers in life sciences.

A scientist talks to a coworker at a life sciences lab

Docusign for life sciences FAQs

  • In life sciences, people use electronic signatures to streamline their agreements.

    Pharmaceutical organizations use e-signatures for clinical trial onboarding, vendor contracts and more to accelerate the development and delivery of treatments to market.

    Medical device manufacturers use e-signatures for clinical testing, sales contracts service agreements and more to accelerate product development and commercialization.

  • Docusign eSignature was the first e-signature tool to enable compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. Recently, we announced a new package designed to add functionality for life sciences organizations without jeopardizing compliance.

    To meet the needs laid out by our cutting-edge life sciences customers, Docusign released a new package of features: the Life Sciences Pro package. It includes the Docusign CFR Part 11 Module, Validator for Life Sciences and SMS Authentication. In the same way that DocuSign was the first to offer Part 11 compliance, we’re the first to bundle features like this together for a new generation of customers.

    The Docusign Part 11 module provides a high-availability, high-security and highly customizable solution to maintain compliance with regulations domestically and globally. The module is designed to be incorporated as part of an open system solution, in which there is electronic communication among multiple parties and system access needs to extend to internal and external parties. This module is absolutely critical for any life sciences organization that handles electronic records.

    Learn More About Docusign's Life Sciences Modules for 21 CFR Part 11

  • With Docusign eSignature, you can remove friction from your 21 CFR Part 11 compliance efforts, get drugs and devices to market faster without compromising quality and improve your customer experience.

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