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Your source for our latest security, compliance, legal, privacy and system performance information

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Transparency is essential

DocuSign’s first priority is to make your experience safe and secure—and to ensure you have the information you need to feel comfortable transacting business online. That’s why we created the Trust Center: to give you access to the latest DocuSign security, compliance, legal, privacy, and system performance information, when and where you need it.

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Trust resources

  • Third-party risk management

    Read how third-party risk management teams evaluate e-signature solutions.

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  • Are electronic signatures safe?

    Learn how e-signatures are more secure than wet signatures.

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  • Security and legal collaboration

    Learn how successful teams work together to protect their organization from harm.

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DocuSign compliance certifications

DocuSign meets or exceeds stringent US, EU and global security standards. Our commitment to and significant ongoing investment toward protecting customer data extends to all of DocuSign’s operating environments.

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Alerts and updates

Update: Offer/Force Schedule for EU, AU, CA Connect certificates now available, February 2023

The new Connect certificates for AU, CA, and EU are now published. 

Please see the DocuSign Support Portal link here for further details on the new certificates and  “Force” scheduled date.

Update: New DocuSign System Status Page is Live

DocuSign has a new Status Page. Sign up to receive status alerts via email, text message, Slack and RSS feed about the health of our site and services.

At DocuSign, we work hard to ensure our services are available 24/7. Still, sometimes problems occur and our site or services go down. In the spirit of transparency and communication, our new Status Page, powered by an industry leading platform, sends you real time updates. Stay informed and make decisions based on current and accurate information–and be alerted the minute we are back up. Subscribe today and stay informed!

Update: Offer/Force Schedule for new Demo, CA, EU SSL site certificate, February 2023

The new site SSL certificate for Demo, CA and EU is now published. Please see the DocuSign Support Portal here for further details on the new certificate and "Force" scheduled date.

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