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Docusign IAM | Notary

Send, sign and notarize online

Use the Docusign experience you know and love to securely send, sign and notarize critical agreements remotely. Docusign Notary empowers your notaries public with the digital tools they need to conduct remote online notarization (RON) transactions.

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The trusted way to remotely and electronically notarize agreements

Docusign Notary, built on the #1 e-signature solution, can help you:

• Enable notarization without being physically present
• Provide a seamless, convenient signer experience
• Reduce errors, increase efficiencies and save time

  • Do business faster, more efficiently

    Accelerate the pace of business with fully remote, electronic notarizations. Save time, reduce costs and eliminate bottlenecks by digitizing your notarial processes.

  • Enable a convenient customer experience

    Delight your customers with a convenient, intuitive signing experience that saves them time and the logistical hassles of meeting a notary public in person.

  • Mitigate risks and reduce fraud

    Conduct encrypted notarial sessions with a detailed audit trail. Reduce the risk of identity fraud by using secure identity proofing technologies.

How Docusign Notary works

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Notary features

With a robust set of features to facilitate remote online notarization (RON) transactions, Notary makes it easy to get critical agreements sent, signed and notarized quickly.

  • Prompt within Docusign for user to add recipients from their notary group to an envelope

    Built on Docusign eSignature

    Benefit from the eSignature experience you’re already familiar with. Use templates and apply Notary-specific tags to save time and reduce errors.

  • Prompt within DocuSign for user to add notaries

    Use your trusted notaries public

    Equip your notaries public with the modern tools they need to securely conduct RON transactions

  • Photo ID card on top of document

    Secure identity proofing

    Have greater confidence in your signers’ and notaries’ identities with photo ID verification and knowledge-based authentication technologies.

  • Secure document showing the date, signer name and envelope ID of a completed agreement in DocuSign

    Robust audit trail

    Mitigate risk with an audit trail for each notarial session, including a tamper-evident Certificate of Completion, audio-visual recording and electronic journal.

  • API icon on top of a document

    Notary API

    Seamlessly integrate into the tools and systems you use every day with the Notary API. Automate repeatable workflows, such as triggering a notarial session.

  • Document with digital certificate checkmark

    Digital certificates for notaries

    Verify notary identity and onboard notaries in minutes, with Docusign-issued digital certificates that meet and often exceed certificate requirements in all states.

MISMO certification logo for DocuSign Notary.

MISMO Certified

Docusign Notary is MISMO Certified for Remote Online Notarization (RON).*

Notary use cases

Remotely notarize your most critical agreements.

    • Powers of attorney

    • Trust certifications

    • Life and annuity claims

    • Spousal consents

    • Lien releases

    • Acknowledgements

    • Affidavits

    • Deeds

    • Waivers

How customers use Notary to notarize online

Online notary resources

Learn more about Docusign Notary and remote online notarization (RON).

  • Docusign Notary Datasheet

    Read this datasheet to learn more about the features and benefits of Docusign Notary.

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  • Guide to RON

    Get a better understanding of RON and how you can use it in your organization.

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  • RON Legality Guide

    Learn more about the laws and regulations governing remote online notarization in each state.

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  • RON - A Natural Evolution of E-Signature

    Learn how e-signature laws and principles laid the foundation for RON and the benefits it brings.

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  • RON Across State Lines

    Learn how states recognize and enforce RON transactions involving more than one state.

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  • How Law Firms Use Remote Online Notarization

    Learn how RON solutions improve notarization activities and reduce costs while delighting clients.

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Online notary service FAQs

  • RON is the use of audio-visual technology to perform a notarial act when the person or persons requiring the notarial act are not in the same physical location as the notary public. A properly performed RON act has the same legal effect as a traditional, paper-based notarization, yet it is more convenient for the participants and more auditable for the organization.

  • Most states have enacted laws allowing RON, and many other states have provisional rules enabling it, although different states may have different RON requirements. A RON act validly performed under the law of the notary public’s state should generally be recognized by other states; however, some exceptions apply and this area of the law is still emerging. Please confirm the applicability of RON for your desired use case with your legal advisor. For more information see RON - A Natural Evolution of E-Signature.

  • In states that authorize RON, most—but not all—agreements that can be notarized in person can also be notarized remotely. For example, some states that allow RON do not allow remote notarization of certain estate documents, such as wills. We are, however, increasingly seeing states authorizing remote notarization of these and other types of documents as well. Please always consult your legal advisor on the subject.

  • In general, signers can be located anywhere in the U.S. or internationally, as long as the notary public complies with the law of the state under which the notary public is authorized to notarize the agreement and is seated in a supported state. Please always consult your legal advisor on the subject. For more information, see RON Across State Lines.

Learn more about Docusign Notary

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  • The MISMO logo is a registered Compliance Certification Mark and the MISMO mark is a trademark of the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization, Inc. DocuSign Notary is a MISMO Certified Product and meets the compliance requirements for Remote Online Notarization (RON), as further described on