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DocuSign in Healthcare – Insist on It

Healthcare organizations depend on efficient patient onboarding and complete medical records to provide high quality care. Having paperwork in order and signatures in place is critical when billing Medicare and insurance companies. DocuSign facilitates HIPAA compliance for managing electronic healthcare records and transactions.


Healthcare providers large and small, and healthcare payers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, are using DocuSign to streamline critical document processes to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, maintain HIPAA compliance, and improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare providers

Documents play a key role in every healthcare provider’s practice. From patient onboarding to Medicare billing, credentialing and provider agreements, healthcare providers must ensure that critical forms, contracts, and other paperwork are handled smoothly, efficiently, and error free. Join other healthcare organizations that are using DocuSign to streamline key processes and improve patient satisfaction. › Learn More

Health plans

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, health plans are focusing a great deal of attention on member enrollment and agent/broker onboarding. Not only can electronic signatures improve the efficiency of these processes, but it can also streamline other critical functions including credentialing and provider agreements, supplier contracts and procurement, and HR forms. › Learn More

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