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Improve the patient and staff experience

DocuSign for Healthcare

Rising administrative costs, patient expectations and new care delivery methods have accelerated healthcare’s transformation. Clipboards, pens and paper are out–convenience, e-forms and e-signatures are in. 

Healthcare leaders are turning to trusted digital technologies to automate and digitize their patient intake forms, HR and back office contracting processes. Thousands of healthcare providers and payers rely on DocuSign products, APIs and integrations to improve the patient experience and create automated workflows to support future growth. DocuSign can help you:

  • Improve your digital front door to get patients in your office quicker and easier
  • Pre-fill patient forms so patients don’t have the fill out the same information again
  • Sign and send documents via email, text or with our top-rated mobile app
  • Support obligations relating to HIPAA, BAAs and CMS regulations
  • Connect to Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Offer convenience

Every patient interaction can build trust. Deliver the secure, digital, accessible and mobile-friendly experience your patients expect.

Reduce costs

Streamline patient intake, consent forms and back-office contracts to create efficiencies that scale and reduce overhead.

Automate workflows

Connect DocuSign to your EHR to see and serve patients with urgency–while aligning operational functions and reducing manual work.

Potential saving for hospitals using DocuSign eSignature for patient check-in*


$753K in estimated savings for small hospitals


$3.1M in estimated savings for medium hospitals


$9.2M in estimated savings for large hospitals

Reimagining patient and staff paperwork

DocuSign is helping organizations pivot to accelerate the adoption of new initiatives and expand their care delivery capabilities.

Many types of healthcare organizations, including providers, home healthcare organizations, addiction services and skilled nursing facilities, are automating agreements and digitizing forms, contracts and documents.

Learn how these six organizations modernized quickly.

New care delivery models

From e-visits to bedside electronic signatures on patient consent and HIPAA forms, DocuSign eSignature helps you make patients feel comfortable in any setting.

A digital front door

DocuSign eSignature works with your EHR to securely collect intake paperwork and other critical documents from almost anywhere. No more clipboards with paperwork upon patient arrival.

Patient-centric operations

Give staff more flexibility and more time to focus on patient care by automating processes with DocuSign eSignature. Get forms signed digitally and easily uploaded into EHRs.

Flexible hiring and onboarding

Credential physicians and quickly onboard volunteers, nurses and employees using DocuSign-based digital forms and online portals.
DocuSign is interoperable with Electronic Healthcare Records.

DocuSign EHR interoperability

Improve your patient and employee experience by providing a digital intake process for both remote and in-person visitors with DocuSign.

Instead of using paper forms, send patient consents and intake documents automatically from the EHR to patients via SMS or email without staff ever having to lift a finger. Patients sign and complete forms electronically, including insurance information. Documents are automatically uploaded to the patient record in the EHR. Learn how Trusted Doctors did it.

How it works with your EHRs

DocuSign seamlessly connects to any certified EHR, including Epic and Cerner. Our EHR interoperability is powered by Infor Cloverleaf and leverages HL7 FHIR standards. No additional contracts need to be signed and you do not need to currently use Infor Cloverleaf or HL7 FHIR standards to work with DocuSign.

We also have partnerships with Kno2 and Luma Health to connect to your EHR if you use Direct Secure Messaging or need a full patient engagement solution.

Healthcare use cases

Use DocuSign solutions to accelerate the pace of business in your organization

Patient intake & consents

Use DocuSign eSignature to easily transform patient paperwork into simple, guided e-forms via email, text and/or an online portal with accessibility features.

Hiring and onboarding

Get staff in place faster using online or remote-friendly automated contracts. Become a credentialed provider using digital forms.

Regulatory compliance: HIPAA, BAAs & CMS

DocuSign’s tamper-proof audit trail helps you streamline your processes and ensure that critical regulatory requirements are met without error.

Academic research

Use DocuSign eSignature for clinical study documentation to support FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance obligations. Access documentation through an online portal, or via email and text, and ensure your paperwork is auditable.

Optimized workflows

Deliver a superior employee experience and give physicians back time to focus on patients by automating forms, resident onboarding and even physician CME (Continuing Medical Education) exhibits.

BAAs & M&A

Get BAAs, physician contracts, IT and legal contracts prepared, signed and managed electronically. Surface insights from within your contracts to speed up negotiations, credential physicians and providers faster and reduce M&A transaction risks.

DocuSign for healthcare

DocuSign eSignature

Securely send, sign and store patient intake forms, consent forms and other documents digitally–while maintaining a complete audit trail of activity on each document.
A screen prompting a healthcare professional to choose a patient to enable the document to reuse data from previous documents.

Pre-filled patient forms

Pre-fill forms with patient data so patients no longer have to fill out the same information repeatedly. Streamline template creation for staff with out-of-the-box pre-defined patient-related fields like demographics, insurance, allergies and medications

DocuSign Clinical Study Modules

Remotely secure critical patient enrollment documents for clinical studies that support your FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance obligations. Increase participation and engagement with broader eligibility criteria.

DocuSign CLM+

Increase the effectiveness of your IT, legal and physician contracting staff with automated contract workflows. Intelligently drill down into potential risks and analyze your compliance issues.

DocuSign Payments

For smaller practices, collecting payments remotely can be a burden. Stop chasing payments and taking credit cards over the phone.

DocuSign APIs

Embed DocuSign functionality into the technology ecosystem you use daily with our trusted APIs.

DocuSign Integrations

DocuSign integrates with the business applications you use every day, including Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP. Interoperable with any HL7 and FHIR-enabled EHR including Epic, Cerner and more.

DocuSign Notary

Securely send, sign and notarize forms and agreements remotely–saving time and reducing the risk of identity fraud.

Customers stories

Learn about innovations in healthcare services made better with DocuSign.

35% decrease in labor costs

Learn how MIMIT Health launched telehealth services in less than 48 hours, reduced patient form intake time by 95% and more.

60-day implementation

Learn how Vitas Healthcare Partners embraced digitization to improve the patient experience.

Fast-tracked registrations by 75%

Learn how Houston Methodist made patients feel safer by pre-registering 50-75% of their patients with digital pre-admissions paperwork.


Building the Practice of the Future

Learn how to create a digitized continuum of care with digital documents and paperwork to build the practice of the future.

Create a Patient First Experience and Take Healthcare Mobile

Learn how DocuSign’s technology streamlines processes for patients, physicians, employees, and suppliers.

Expanding Healthcare Services with a Digital Agreement Technology

Exceed your rising patients' expectations by delivering a better, faster, and seamless patient experience across the continuum of care.

Speak with a healthcare expert

Let DocuSign help you improve the patient experience and administrative efficiency.

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