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Docusign for Healthcare

Deliver a seamless patient journey across the care continuum

The patient is at the center of every healthcare organization. Improve the patient, staff and clinician experience so everyone thrives in today’s changing environment.

With Docusign, you can optimize your EHR investments to become more patient-centric, improve access for the underserved and streamline care coordination. Thousands of healthcare providers and health plans rely on Docusign products, APIs and integrations to improve the patient experience and create automated workflows to support future growth.

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A doctor and patient in a healthcare setting. Docusign can help healthcare professionals improve the patient journey.

Accelerate the business of healthcare

  • Improve patient experiences

    Every patient interaction can build trust. Deliver the secure, digital, accessible and mobile-friendly experience your patients expect.

  • Streamline administrative processes

    Help your staff be more efficient and reduce costs by improving your patient intake, consent forms and back-office contract processes.

  • Connect and automate EHR workflows

    Connect Docusign to your EHR to see and serve patients with urgency–while aligning operational functions and reducing manual work.

A group of doctors and nurses who use Docusign to improve healthcare efficiency.

Docusign across the care continuum

Docusign helps organizations thrive in this challenging healthcare environment by expanding their capabilities and driving efficiency.

Many types of healthcare organizations, including providers, home healthcare organizations, behavioral health services and skilled nursing facilities, are automating agreements and digitizing forms, contracts and documents.

  • Patient intake and consents

    Use Docusign eSignature to easily transform patient paperwork into simple, guided e-forms via email, text and/or an online portal with accessibility features. Forms can be pre-filled with basic information after the initial visit.

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  • Hiring and onboarding

    Get staff in place faster using online or remote-friendly automated contracts. Become a credentialed provider using digital forms.

  • Regulatory compliance: HIPAA, BAAs & CMS

    Docusign's tamper-proof audit trail helps you streamline your processes and ensure that critical regulatory requirements are met without error.

  • Academic research

    Use Docusign eSignature for clinical study documentation to support compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Ensure your paperwork is accessible and get a complete audit trail of activity on each document.

  • Automated workflows

    Deliver a superior employee experience and give physicians back time to focus on patients by automating forms, resident onboarding and even physician CME (Continuing Medical Education) exhibits.

  • BAAs and M&A

    Get BAAs, physician contracts, IT and legal contracts prepared, signed and managed electronically. Surface insights from within your contracts to speed up negotiations, credential physicians and providers faster and reduce M&A transaction risks.

  • Digital front door

    Docusign eSignature works with your EHR to securely collect intake paperwork and other critical documents from almost anywhere. No more clipboards with paperwork upon patient arrival.

  • Pre-filled patient forms

    Pre-fill forms with patient data so patients no longer have to fill out the same information repeatedly. Streamline template creation for staff with out-of-the-box pre-defined patient-related fields like demographics, insurance, allergies and medications.

  • New care delivery models

    Help patients in a variety of settings, from e-visits to bedside electronic signatures on patient consent and HIPAA forms. And access hard-to-reach communities and digital-first Gen Z patients with digital forms.

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How healthcare organizations use Docusign

  • VITAS Healthcare

    Only 60 days needed for Docusign implementation + full EMR integration

    "Being able to leverage Docusign to create a touch-free, contactless solution was remarkable."

    Steven Smith

    Steven Smith

    Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer

  • Hospice Savannah

    More time spent with patients, leading to better health outcomes

  • Health Partners Plans

    95% improvement in contract turnaround time

    "With Docusign, there will never be another lost contract. That’s a big risk to the organization, and we completely shut it down."

    Chris McTiernan

    Chris McTiernan

    Senior Vice President of Clinical and Provider Management

  • EngagedMD

    1-2 hours saved per patient

    "It's very user-friendly and convenient on the patient side. I rarely get questions about how to sign."

    Mayra Camacho

    Mayra Camacho

    IVF Coordinator

  • DKMS

    Boosted Gen Z enrollment and seamlessly connected with the EHR

    "Docusign helps us bring second chances at life in a faster and more compliant way."

    Kim Sivananthan

    Kim Sivananthan

    Quality Assurance Specialist

Healthcare professionals review patient profiles on a tablet

How Docusign works with your EHRs

Docusign seamlessly connects to any certified EHR, including Epic and Cerner. Our EHR interoperability is powered by Infor Cloverleaf and leverages HL7 FHIR standards. No additional contracts need to be signed and you do not need to currently use Infor Cloverleaf or HL7 FHIR standards to work with Docusign.

We also have partnerships with Kno2 and Luma Health to connect to your EHR if you use Direct Secure Messaging or need a full patient engagement solution.

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A doctor reviews digital patient forms in the EHR

Docusign EHR interoperability

Improve your patient and employee experience by providing a digital intake process for both remote and in-person visitors with Docusign.

Instead of using paper forms, send patient consents and intake documents automatically from the EHR to patients via SMS or email without staff ever having to lift a finger. Patients sign and complete forms electronically, including insurance information. Documents are automatically uploaded to the patient record in the EHR.

A notification in DocuSign prompts a patient to complete forms before their visit

eSignature for healthcare

Securely send, sign and store patient intake forms, consent forms and other documents digitally–while maintaining a complete audit trail of activity on each document.

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Additional Docusign products for healthcare

  • Clinical study compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

    Remotely secure critical patient enrollment documents for clinical studies that support your FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance obligations.

  • CLM

    Increase the effectiveness of your IT, legal and physician contracting staff with automated contract workflows.

  • Multi-channel Delivery

    Get signatures faster and improve the patient experience by sending forms for signature via WhatsApp or SMS to signers’ mobile devices.


Building the Practice of the Future

Learn how to create a digitized continuum of care with digital documents and paperwork to build the practice of the future.

A doctor reviews a patient form on a tablet

Expanding Healthcare Services with Digital Agreement Technology

Exceed your rising patients' expectations by delivering a better, faster, and seamless patient experience across the continuum of care.

Two healthcare workers review patient information on a tablet

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Make your organization faster, simpler and more cost-efficient with electronic agreements.

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