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Docusign IAM for Sales | Preconfigured Application

Maximize seller productivity with better agreement processes

Accelerate the sales lifecycle with agreement automation, AI and analytics. Streamline deals with smart integrations into your CRM, dynamic templates and a searchable repository.

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A woman with a tablet uses Docusign to add a template, add a document, and add recipients to send an agreement.

Unleash the power of agreements with Docusign IAM applications

Our preconfigured IAM for Sales application helps your team sell faster and prevent revenue leakage by automating agreement processes from contracting to renewals.

  • Accelerate deal velocity

    Remove administrative burden for sellers by automating critical workflows across the sales cycle. Generate, sign and store agreements in a few clicks within the CRM you already use.

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  • Make smarter decisions

    Leverage AI and analytics to search faster and uncover missed revenue opportunities. Automatically identify favorable terms, track renewals, and capture YoY price changes.

  • Collaborate with visibility

    Improve visibility and automate agreement collaboration across contracting, fulfillment, billing and renewals. Speed up legal review and smooth deal handoffs to finance and delivery teams.

A workflow in Docusign with steps in the sales agreement process: initiate contracts, add documents, make revisions and edits, and sign contracts.

Empower sellers to execute faster

Free your sellers from the cumbersome emails and admin activities they typically need to get an agreement created and executed—so they can focus on selling.

  • Generate agreements effortlessly from your CRM, eliminating manual data entry.

  • Produce professional agreements, faster, using templated document generation.

  • Configure workflows to automate approvals, reducing uncertainty on when your agreement will be signed.

  • Collaborate in one central location, setting renewal alerts and linking agreement storage to your CRM for easy access.

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How sales teams like yours sell smarter with Docusign

  • Checkr

    99% reduction in templates, from 400 to 3.

    "We chose Docusign because it’s the industry leader, and no other solutions on the market integrate well with Salesforce."

    Travis Lee

    Travis Lee

    Head of Revenue Systems

  • Goosehead Insurance

    90% faster delivery with SMS + email

    "It all boils down to speed. Less clicks and jumping from system to system means more time for client service and supporting our clients with needs."

    Brim Basom

    Brim Basom

    Managing Director of Technology and Innovation

  • Calendly

    832% increase in e-signature transactions since moving to Docusign

    "The integration with Salesforce makes it super easy for sales reps to create, send and track agreements."

    Kate Ahlering

    Kate Ahlering

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Camden Property Trust

    6x faster turnaround time for signed documents

    "When we first implemented Docusign, it was a game changer. Now, it’s a game changer times ten."

    Deborah Soland

    Executive Assistant

  • Springbuk

    3x faster agreement process

    "Docusign is about making our teams as efficient as possible so we can spend more time with our customers."

    Haley Snow

    Haley Snow

    Salesforce Administrator

A circle surrounded by six boxes to represent the unified workflows you can create in Docusign Navigator

Help your sellers drive more revenue, faster with robust capabilities

  • One-click contract generation from Salesforce
  • Personalized, professional agreement creation within eSignature
  • Dashboard with renewal insights and reminders
  • Multi-channel agreement notifications via text message, WhatsApp or email
  • Customized, no-code workflows
  • Seamless connection with other tools

Looking for more robust contract lifecycle management capabilities?

Explore Docusign CLM

Streamline your sales agreements with solutions you already use.

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Streamline Your Nondisclosure Agreement Workflows

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Man using a tablet to sign a sale agreement
Application Brief

Maximize seller productivity with better agreement processes

Get a PDF overview of the benefits, use cases, and products included in Docusign IAM for Sales.

A tablet screen showing a dashboard in Docusign CLM of agreements assigned to the viewer's reports

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