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More than 115,000 real estate professionals use DocuSign to share, sign, and send millions of documents, from residential to commercial real estate, property management, mortgage, escrow, and more. Using DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, brokers and agents can manage 100 percent of the transactions online securely with all participants, and provide customers with an extraordinary experience.

DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS

From listing to close, choose the trusted solution for real estate professionals

DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS combines the power of eSignatures and DocuSign Transaction Rooms (formerly Cartavi) to make it easy for you to keep your transactions organized in the cloud, allowing you to work with anyone from your desktop or mobile device. Now real estate professionals have one complete solution for true collaboration from listing to close. It’s about getting work done without the paper, and without being tied to the office. › Real Estate Plans & Pricing

Key features of Docusign for Real Estate PLUS

Collect signatures on the go

Gone are the days of driving across town to print out documents that need to be signed. Sign, send, and manage documents from your mobile phone or tablet through our iOS and Android mobile apps or the mobile web.

Configurable to your needs

It doesn’t matter if it’s a PDF or a Microsoft Word doc, our eSignature solution can handle any kind of file type. You also can create reusable templates, and DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS is integrated with zipForm® Plus, so you don’t even need to identify where your clients need to sign, initial, or date the documents—it’s already done for you.

Integrated fax-back and inbox

With a DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS plan, you’ll receive an inbound email address and personal fax number. Any document sent to your inbound email address or fax number will be automatically added to your inbox in DocuSign.

Trusted and secure

Your documents, transactions, personal data—and your clients’—are safe and secure. DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS was built using bank-level security standards and technology. Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and in most countries around the world, and DocuSign ensures the highest levels of enforceability. Supporting digital certificates as required, only DocuSign warrants federal ESIGN and UETA Act compliance.

A better way to store and manage

With DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, you can store and manage documents within a virtual room specific to an individual transaction. If you have files saved in cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can easily copy them into your Transaction Room.

Invite and share with ease

Invite everyone involved in the transaction to join its Transaction Room to allow for better collaboration during and after a deal. Document sharing is simple, and you get to decide who can access a file within the room.

Get an instant overview

View detailed activity information for each transaction document and monitor the progress of any eSignatures you’ve requested. Your Transaction Rooms allow you to stay on top of all of your transaction statuses and can help increase your efficiency. You also can set up text or email notifications.

Add a personal touch

A little something extra can go a long way. Associate your brand to your transactions, and present a professional image to those you work with through DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS by including your logo and photo in every Transaction Room.

DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition

The complete solution for managing transactions across your brokerage

Your business is complex, so it's time to make things simpler. DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition empowers you with the ability to define and optimize the way transactions are managed across your business while providing agents with true mobility to get work done on the go. Take control of every aspect of your real estate business and give your buyers and sellers a better experience and greater peace of mind.

Your business. Your way.

DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition allows you to tailor the application to fit your needs. Managers in the application have the ability to set up accounts for your agents and staff, determining what level of visibility each should have within the product. Set up offices when and where you need them, and associate agents and your staff with them. Preferences are customizable from agents, to office managers, to transaction coordinators, and your brokerage owns all data and documents involved in a transaction.

Enhanced Transaction Rooms

Capture critical data about your transactions from list to close. Along with the document management features that DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS makes available today, you will now be able to manage more information involved in a real estate transaction. Listing dates, pricing changes, contracts, and expected closing dates are all managed and tracked in your broker account.

Real-time visibility

DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition brings visibility into your business' performance in real time. Not only can you centrally manage all of your transaction documents and people, but you will also have the ability to track how agents, offices, and regions are growing your brokerage. Compare revenue, closings, agent rankings, and more in the new Broker dashboard.

Document checklists

Create document checklists for your various transaction types. You and your agents can apply these checklists to Transaction Rooms in order to provide everyone with a guideline of which documents are required and suggested as they move through your internal approval process.

Compliant transactions

Cross all the T's and dot all the I's. Transaction Rooms will go through your approval process to ensure that deals are properly closed. Compliance is key to your successful business, and you can do it all through DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition.

Team building

Be empowered. Build and manage your DocuSign accounts as you see fit. Create new agent and staff accounts, invite existing DocuSign agents, and manage Transaction Room ownership and preferences. Office turnover will no longer be a problem either, since your brokerage owns all accounts, documents, and other transaction information.

A consistent company brand

Your brand is important to buyers and sellers, as well as your team. DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition allows you to manage corporate logos and company information that will be seen across every account you set up. Your agents and the people they work with will see your company branding as they work in DocuSign on the web and mobile apps.

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plan features

  • Send documents for signature
  • Sign unlimited documents
  • Document tagging
  • Mobile apps: iOS, Android
  • zipForm® Plus integration
  • Manage unlimited transactions
  • Email, fax, or directly upload
  • Notification emails & alerts
  • Secure transactions with audit trail
  • Personal fax number
  • Personalized branding
  • Agent assigned permissions
  • Document retention: 100 GB

plan features

  • Track 30+ new categories of transaction data
  • View and measure agent performance
  • Review transaction financials
  • Institute a new member type—Manager
  • Assign employees to specific offices and regions
  • Oversee and review all Transaction Rooms
  • Create and customize document checklists
  • Ensure compliance with predefined provisions
  • Add, remove, lock, and unlock member accounts

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