Great News – we just made going live with the DocuSign API a whole lot faster! As you may know, DocuSign requires all integrations to go through a review process, which used to take days and sometimes weeks, depending on backlog and complexity. With the new automation we’ve built, the review process now only takes minutes or hours.

When you create a developer sandbox (also referred to as demo) account, you also request an Integrator Key that you use to develop apps using the DocuSign API. This new automated go-live process now promotes your Integrator Key directly from the sandbox environment to your live production account after you have 20 or more eligible demo API transactions. As a reminder, these are the requirements of going live with your DocuSign API integration:

  • Integrator Key
  • 20+ error free transactions that do not violate API Rules and Limits
  • A live DocuSign account (API Plan or Enterprise edition)
  • Admin access to the live account

Steps to Go Live

Step 1: Review Transactions

First login to your developer sandbox and from the profile menu select Go To Admin -> API and Keys. The following screen shows a list of your Integrator Keys:
From your list of Integrator Keys choose the key you would like to promote to the production environment and select ACTIONS -> Review Transactions. The following dialog is displayed:

Input the date your 20+ API transactions were run in the demo environment and click REVIEW to start the automated review process. Reviews may take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Review Passed

Upon successful review of the transactions, the key’s status will change to Review has passed. You can confirm the status by selecting ACTIONS -> Review Results:

Review Failed

If the system cannot find at least 20 error-free, consecutive API transactions that do not violate API Rules and Limits, the key’s status will change to Review has failed. To see the most recent review status, select ACTIONS -> Review Results:

If your review fails, ensure you have run at least 20 consecutive API transactions that are error free and do not violate API Rules and Limits. If you have created multiple Integrator Keys, verify you have selected the same key you’ve run your test transactions under. Once you have an eligible set of transactions select ACTIONS -> Resubmit for Review to start a new review.

Step 2: Select Live Account

Once your transaction review has passed, the next step is to select a live DocuSign account to promote the key to. Select the key you would like to enable and click ACTIONS -> Go Live. After accepting the developer terms and conditions, the following dialog is displayed (note- you may need to enable pop-ups through your browser):

Make sure to use your live DocuSign account credentials – not your developer sandbox credentials – to login since they are separate systems.

Important: You need Administrator privileges to the live account to promote a given key. If you do not have any valid account memberships, an error will be returned. Also note that certain account types, such as 30-day Free Trials and Freemium accounts, are not eligible for key promotion and will be disabled in the list of accounts.

Step 3: Submit for Final Approval

Once authenticated, a list of your live DocuSign accounts will be displayed. Select the account you wish to promote the key to:

If you are integrating on behalf of a client and do not have Admin access to their live DocuSign account, you will need to provide the client Admin access to your developer sandbox or have them login in real-time to the live account through an online meeting while promoting the key.

After selecting a live account, the key’s status will change to Pending Approval. You do not need to take any action at this point and your key should be promoted in 4-24 hours after reaching this status.

Integrator Key Promotion Complete

Once complete, you will receive an email notification and the key’s status will change to Live, indicating the key is live in production!

The key will also start displaying in the live DocuSign account it was linked to once it has been enabled, and that’s it – you’re ready to rock and roll!