By Bailey Stark, market development representative and DocuSign IMPACT member at large

Our DocuSign IMPACT foundation is built around three pillars: Our time, our technology, and our dollars. Earlier this month, DocuSign Market Development Representative, Jesse Shao, and Customer Support Manager, Alpha Chindavong, and I had the opportunity to lead a group of 25 volunteers and devote our time to a very important event: The Special Olympics Washington Opening Ceremonies.

The highly-anticipated event was to celebrate the official start of the Summer Games for Washington state. Over 700 athletes from all over the country attended, poised to begin competing in a variety of sports including swimming, golf, bocce ball, track and field, softball, and more.

Stepping into the event, you could sense the anticipation. Old friends were greeting one another, chit-chatter was all around, and groups were cheering one another on. From start to finish, the entire night was filled with music, excitement, and entertainment. Performances included a jazzy concert from United by Music (a group of musically talented people with developmental and intellectual challenges and delays) and a fierce choreographed number from the Washington Diamonds Drill Team. The energy from the athletes, parents, and volunteers was electric and set the weekend off on the best note.

Our role as volunteers was to stage the athletes, check them in, and walk them through the opening ceremonies. By far, the highlight for me was seeing each team make their way onto the floor, carrying their banners, and being cheered on by other athletes and audience members alike.

Not only was the event important in and of itself, but because of DocuSign’s longstanding relationship with the Special Olympics, the work held special relevance. As part of our three-pillar DocuSign IMPACT philosophy, we don’t just offer our time to the nonprofit — but our dollars and technology as well. The Special Olympics has also leveraged the DocuSign technology to help them devote more time to their mission. Additionally, through our matching gifts program, any employee contributions made to the Special Olympics will be matched by DocuSign.

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