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The DocuSign System of Agreement Platform

Accelerate and simplify how you prepare, sign, enact, and manage agreements

How will you modernize your System of Agreement?

Every organization already has a system of agreement. It’s how written agreements get prepared, signed, enacted, and managed. But typically, it involves a messy, improvised mix of printing, signing, scanning, faxing, and overnighting paper agreements. These needlessly slow legacy processes cost an average of $36 per agreement in wasted productivity and materials.

It’s time for a change.

Accelerate and simplify

The DocuSign System of Agreement Platform connects the world’s No. 1 eSignature technology to every other aspect of the agreement process, revolutionizing how agreements are prepared, signed, enacted, and managed.

With DocuSign, hundreds of prebuilt connectors can pull data from systems of record to pre-fill agreements, embed the DocuSign experience in other applications where employees already work, and trigger post-agreement actions, like billing, account activation, or payments.

Three customers.

Three modern Systems of Agreement.

Prepare, sign, act, manage

PREPARE agreements with a high degree of automation

Pre-fill an agreement with data from files or other systems. Pre-integrated partner options allow use of industry-specific forms and wizard-style, guided data collection.

SIGN agreements quickly and securely

Complete the process faster with automated routing, signer identification, and legally enforceable capture of signatures. Partner options include additional methods of signer verification, for countries and industries with specialized requirements.

ACT on agreement terms after signing

Update records or trigger actions in other systems. DocuSign provides an option to collect payments, and many partners allow updating or triggering from DocuSign back to the partner product.

MANAGE agreements with flexible options

Leverage powerful features like secure retention, retrieval, and reporting. Partner options include analytics on agreement content and specialized forms of document retention.

Read all about it

The Rise of Modern Systems of Agreement is a collaboration between DocuSign’s strategy executives and Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm. It explains how every company has a System of Agreement, but most are not modernized for today’s speed of business.

Symptoms of a legacy System of Agreement include slow, expensive processes due to a lack of automation, disconnected steps that require customers or employees to rekey information you already have, and an inability to monitor or audit for compliance.

There is a better way: a modern System of Agreement. Discover the whats, whys, and hows by downloading the white paper.
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