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A full day with my Salesforce Ohana? Where do I sign up? On September 20 the DocuSign team headed to French Touch Dreamin’, a Salesforce community–led event for admins and developers from all over to get together and upskill with some awesome sessions, learn about some cool companies and network the Ohana from all over the world!

Our team were there to chat about all things DocuSign for Salesforce, from DocuSign Apex Toolkit to DocuSign Gen, even DocuSign for Healthcare. It is amazing to see what the Salesforce community are doing with DocuSign integrations—not to mention handing out some cool swag! (Who doesn't love swag!)

Lauren Dunne, DocuSign’s own Salesforce MVP based in Dublin, wowed the 300 attendees at the Demo Jam; a Demo Jam is three minutes of live demo with no prepared slides or video. Lauren showed off DocuSign Gen and how easy it is to set up everything from the anchor text to the document right down to the custom button—all within three minutes! 

At the DocuSign booth we walked attendees through demos, talked through our SDKs, and highlighted features new and old, including Custom Buttons and Lightning.

All in all, this was a great event! Thank you to the DocuSign team and the French Touch Dreaming team for an amazing event; we can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

Missed the action? Check out some of our DocuSign Developer resources for additional info and continual updates:

 Lauren Dunne is our Senior Salesforce Evangelist and self-confessed Salesforce geek! She has nine years of Salesforce expertise and her past roles range from Solution Architect to “Admineloper.” She is currently a Salesforce MVP, the Ireland User Group leader, and founder and host of Ohana Coffee, a global virtual meet-up. She even has a Salesforce tattoo!

Lauren Dunn
Lauren Dunne
Lead Product Evangelist
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