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Stuytown Increases Efficiency in Apartment Leasing and Reduces Paper by 90% with DocuSign eSignature API

Stuytown Property Services manages an 11,246-unit residential rental development in Manhattan. For the initial implementation of DocuSign, Stuytown focused on their vacancy lease applications, which represent more than 2,000 leases per year. Leasing is Paper…
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Eastern Bank Challenges the Status Quo in Bank Lending by Implementing the DocuSign eSignature API to Digitize Processes

Eastern Bank has been in business for 198 years. In fact, it is the oldest mutual bank in the United States. Banking is a traditionally conservative industry – resistant to change. However, customer expectations of…
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Securing Your Connect Webhook Listener

Your DocuSign Line of Business (LOB) application is ready for production. Your colleagues will send out DocuSign signature requests from within the app. Plus, your app shows the status of the signature requests and automatically…
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Mutual TLS: Stuff you should know

Anytime you use a web browser to connect to a secure site (https://something), you’re using Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is the successor to SSL and it’s an excellent standard with many features. TLS guarantees…
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DocuSign API Participates in DefHacks Seattle Student-Run Hackathon

There is something very inspiring about being surrounded by young, creative minds that puts all the frustrations of day to day life on the back burner. Such was the case this past weekend, where I…
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Microsoft Office 365 Hack Productivity Now Includes DocuSign Option

Microsoft Office 365 is sponsoring a hackathon, called Hack Productivity, from November 3, 2016 through January 31, 2017. Hack Productivity challenges hackers to create a business app to increase productivity using the Office 365 APIs….
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Enabling Signers to Update Their Data

Your application is integrated with DocuSign! You’re sending out documents to be signed, either via email or you’re using embedded signing. Life’s good. Then your LOB (Line of Business) internal client attended a Momentum conference…
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