Close Deals Faster with DocuSign for Salesforce

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Enable Sales to focus on what they do best – sealing the deal

Use DocuSign for Salesforce to send, sign, and manage important sales documents, from any device and without ever leaving Salesforce. Benefits include faster document turnaround times, increased accuracy, and a more streamlined sales process. The result? Less work for your staff. Easier signing for your customers. And better ROI for your company.



Introducing The New DocuSign for Salesforce Experience

The DocuSign for Salesforce Advantage

Close more deals faster

Eliminate time spent following up on sales contracts. Increase visibility into document status. Salesforce uses DocuSign internally to close 90% of its deals within a day and 71% in under an hour.

Make the most of your CRM

Making your Sales team’s lives easier with DocuSign can make your CRM indispensable – and maximize your CRM investment. DuPont increased CRM use internally by 300% with DocuSign.

Reduce operating costs

DocuSign for Salesforce doesn’t just save the cost of paper and shipping. It results in productivity and time savings across teams involved in the sales process. Customers report savings of up to $19 per document.

Key Features

Send documents for signature

With one click, send formatted documents for review and signing. Recipients can sign from any device without having to download anything.

Reduce manual data entry with two way data flow

Automatically update Salesforce opportunities or other objects with information from signed documents. And let DocuSign update Salesforce with the latest customer information so your CRM is always up to date.

Streamline routing

Use automated workflows to eliminate manual routing and delays. Route documents to the appropriate parties in the proper order—and see document status at any point in the workflow.

Use DocuSign on Salesforce1

DocuSign runs on the Salesforce1 platform, so you can close business on the go, from any device.

Get real-time updates via Chatter

Use Chatter to get automatic updates on deals and document status, or share updates with the team.

Customer Testimonials

Compatibility Information

DocuSign for Salesforce can be installed in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Performance and Developer Orgs of Access native integrations with Conga Composer, Apttus, BigMachines, Selectica, Upside, Drawloop, Zuora, OpenTrust, and more. Supports 11 native languages, including Chinese (simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.