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Thread: API returning a USER_LACKS_MEMBERSHIP error

Summary: The developer had an integration using JWT that they were taking from the Developer Sandbox (demo) into production (Go Live Process). The developer was only getting the error USER_LACKS_MEMBERSHIP in production while everything was working fine in demo.

Answer: The Developer Sandbox only has a single endpoint for API calls: In production we have multiple endpoints for different locales. Making calls to may result in this error. To discover the correct baseUrl for your account, you need to call the getUserInfo() method of the eSignature REST API.


Thread: DocuSign Connect Webhook with .NET Core 3

Summary: The developer is building an app using Microsoft .NET Core version 3 that attempts to receive notifications from DocuSign using the DocuSign Connect Webook. The developer was checking their Connect logs and found they consistently get  “The remote server returned an error: (415) Unsupported Media Type.”

Answer: The media type for Connect calls is XML. The developer had to add AddXmlSerializerFormatters() to the ConfigureServices method in Startup.cs instead of services.AddMVC().AddXmlSerializerFormatters() as well as added the [FromForm] attribute to resolve this issue.


Thread: How to fix curl error “Could not resolve host:” in Docusign API in php

Summary: The developer is building an application using the PHP language and making Curl calls to the API (not using the SDK) and is getting the error about a bad URL as part of the Auth Code Grant authentication flow.

Answer: The URL in question has an encoding issue, as it should be the encoded URL; but the code somehow has some of the slashes encoded. The slash character can be encoded within a URL parameter (after the ‘?’ mark) that is passed to an endpoint, but not within the actual URL path itself.


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