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Thread: Dynamically add text to DocuSign template in C#

Summary: The developer is using the C# SDK and is trying to pre-fill tabs in a template before it is sent out to the recipients so that data from the integration they built can be sent into the resulting envelope. The developer was having trouble getting the data to show on the envelope that was created.

Answer: The TemplateRole object includes a Recipients object that contains all the recipients in the template. Each Recipient includes a Tabs object that contains all the tabs associated with the particular recipient. For the eSignature REST API to be able to match the recipient from the API call to the one in the template, the Name and RoleName must match exactly. The developer in this case did not have the RoleName match, and as a result, the tab with the text information was not updated on the resulting envelope.


Thread: error fetching status of DocuSign envelope - account IDs muddled?

Summary: The developer built an integration that sends documents for signature using the eSignature REST API, and then, in a different portion of the integration, the app checks for the status of the envelope. The part that sends the documents for signature works just fine, but the API call to check for status is giving the developer the error:

"message":"The specified Integrator Key was not found or is disabled. An Integrator key was not specified."

Answer: The error message from the API is a bit misleading and we will work with the eSignature API team to have it updated. The error is suggesting there’s an issue with the integration key (also known as an “integrator key”), but the actual error in this case is that no authentication token was provided in the API call. Every API call must include an auth token; this token is tied to your integration key and also to the credentials of the user that has signed into DocuSign. If you don't provide this token, you may encounter the above error message.


Thread: Envelopes: listStatusChanges does not return Envelopes with is21CFRPart11

Summary: The developer is using the Envelopes::listStatusChanges endpoint of the DocuSign eSignature REST API and expects to get, as part of the reply from the API, a field called is21CFRPart11. This field is used in the healthcare industry to denote that the particular envelope is using the CFRPart11 functionality provided by DocuSign. The developer is not seeing this field in the response and is wondering why.

Answer: It appears the documentation for the Envelopes::listStatusChanges API incorrectly shows the is21CFRPart11 field as part of the response. An internal ticket has been filed on this issue to fix the documentation. A workaround was presented to the developer to use the Envelopes::getEnvelope endpoint. This endpoint does indeed return the is21CFRPart11 for the given envelopeId that is provided.


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