Node.js SDK Hits 10k NPM Downloads per Month!

Over the past year, our Developer Center team has been hard at work giving the Node.js SDK a facelift, based on your feedback. Just a year ago we were clocking-in at 1.5k downloads per month!

We’re happy to announce that we have now hit 10k downloads per month. This near 7-fold increase in popularity, paired with a 10-fold increase in SDK calls per minute, can be attributed to the work of the team as well as the excellent communication given to us by you. Aside from keeping up-to-date with our latest API features, we have made noticeable changes to the way we do authentication.

We have added methods to give you granular, yet simple ways to authenticate with DocuSign using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. The Grant types we support are Authorization Code Grant and Implicit Grant. We also have recently simplified our JWT-based authentication as well. You can read more in the REST API Authentication Overview topic.

We wanted to make the authentication flows simple and map directly to the OAuth 2.0 spec. They do exactly that, nothing more, nothing less.

Using the Authorization Code Grant as an example to demonstrate this simplicity, you can get an access token in only two steps:

  1. Generate the url for your user to log into and redirect from: getAuthorizationUri()
  2. Generate an access token to be used for all your subsequent API calls: generateAccessToken()

What’s Next?

We are deprecating the legacy configureJWTAuthorizationFlow method in favor of a more simple, straightforward and secure alternative, requestJWTUserToken. With this function, you simply pass in the required params and a token is returned.

With these SDK changes in place, our next objectives are to modernize the SDK a bit and to build layers of abstraction to make it even easier to code with DocuSign.

Currently, we have a release candidate out that adds high anticipated Promise support for all our endpoints,

Next up, we plan on adding official support for Passport.js in coming months. Please stay tuned, and as always, feel free to reach out to us via our github,, with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

We want to thank you all for the ongoing support and adoption of our Node.js SDK (and our other ones too). We continue to charge forward with updates and features that will make your Docusign SDK experience even better!

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Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper
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