Twilio Signal 2018 Recap

This year, Twilio Signal 2018 went by in a flash! It was two days of demos, burritos, more demos, and...Tony Hawk? Yes, you read that correctly. We did a lot in the last two days, so let us quickly give you the rundown.

First, let’s get those burritos out of the way, because they were amazing. We were fortunate enough to sponsor the breakfast on Day 1, so we appreciate everyone who partook and are glad to hear so many people enjoyed what was served. We even had people coming up to us for the next two days curious where we got those burritos!

But after breakfast, it was time for booth action. We had nearly 350 people stop by the DocuSign API booth to take in a demo or learn a bit more about what the DocuSign eSignature API has to offer. For many, it was the first time being exposed to our API. Before diving into code, we walked those people through an example sending workflow via the UI. We then were sure to show them the DocuSign Developer Center and cover the basics, before showing them how to set up a free developer Sandbox, so they can replicate what we did with them (and more) back at the office.

We also showed booth visitors our new Node.js code launcher, which enables developers to have a much faster zero-to-code experience. The awesome thing about the code launcher is that it runs the examples live, and people were really excited to see a developer environment that runs them in real time. And for anyone who was curious how exactly this works and how it can be applied to their use cases, we had three DocuSign engineers on-hand to answer their questions.

Alex Cooper, Software Engineer at DocuSign (left) walks through our eSignature API with a booth visitor

On Day 2, we got quite the thrill when none other than legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk joined the Twilio crowd. It was exciting to hear Tony discuss his business ventures, including his billion-dollar video game franchise, Birdhouse Skateboards, and Hawk Clothing. However, we loved hearing about his philanthropic mission even more. Via the Tony Hawk Foundation, he’s given away nearly $6 million worldwide to help finance public skateparks in low-income areas. These parks serve over five million kids annually. Very great stuff!

On both days, visitors to the booth were given DocuSign socks, stickers, and more SWAG. We loved the excitement around the DocuSign socks - everyone loves a good pair of socks. But for the raffle on Day 2, we gaveaway a  great prize: a Monoprice 3D printer. The lucky winner was Arlene from Associated Global Systems. Was she excited? You bet! We can’t wait to hear what cool things she produces with her new 3D printer.

Arlene with her brand new 3D printer!

All in all, we’d say Twilio Signal 2018 was certainly a fun and successful event. Perhaps it’s time to start prepping for 2019! We appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth, and hope you all check out some of our many other developer resources: