Developer Spotlight: Sanjucta Ghose, Brandsoft Infotech

Sanjucta holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Mumbai. She has worked in IT since 2000 in various roles, such as software developer, product manager, and IT architect. She has programmed in a plethora of languages including C++, Java and PHP. She currently works as a full-stack software developer with a particular affinity to JavaScript, both on the client and server side.

Sanjucta recently built a DocuSign integration for an Australia-based real estate company who have chosen DocuSign to enable digital signatures in their customer contracts. She built a Node.js application that allows users to send contracts based on DocuSign templates using the embedded signing technique. From that project, she authored an article on Medium documenting how to obtain and use an access token from a refresh token for the Authorization Code Grant flow for our eSignature REST API.

Sanjucta lives in Kolkata in India. She is an avid hiker and sets off on hikes in the Indian Himalayas whenever the opportunity presents itself. When not coding, she likes hanging around with her 14-year old son and bingeing on Netflix. You can reach her on LinkedIn.

Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
Sr. Manager, Developer Content