Developer Spotlight: Justin Moore, Unchained Capital

Spotlight Developer, Justin Moore

Justin Moore has been working as a scientist and engineer since 2008 and has experience working in a variety of languages and tech stacks. Justin is a former Astrophysics Ph.D. candidate now working on both back-end and front-end projects as an engineer for Unchained Capital, which provides financial services for long-term Bitcoin holders.

Unchained Capital was already using DocuSign to serve loan contracts to clients, but wanted to fully automate the interaction to increase processing efficiency and improve client experience. Justin led the integration by interfacing with DocuSign's eSignature REST API to handle automatic envelope creation, embedded signing, event notifications, X.509 signature validation in XML, and signed document retrieval. In the learning process, Justin patched an older Heroku-based DocuSign demo to further explore and better understand the software. Combining the functional Heroku auto-deploy with a developer sandbox account, the DocuSign eSignature REST API Reference, and the docusignapi-tagged StackOverflow was more than enough for Justin to get going.

Justin is a decorated Ultimate Frisbee player and coach, a mycophile (mushroom growing and foraging enthusiast), and an avid reader. You can reach Justin on LinkedIn.

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Inbar Gazit
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