Developer Spotlight: Ksenia Liubynska, Sigma Software

Spotlight Developer Ksenia Liubynska

Ksenia Liubynska began her developer career with a master's degree in Computer Control Systems and Automation from Odessa National Polytechnic University. Within a year of graduating, Ksenia began working for Sigma Software, an international software development and IT consultancy headquartered in Kharkiv. With 11 years' experience, Ksenia serves as a full-stack developer, primarily on Microsoft .NET-based projects.

As part of Sigma's engagement with DocuSign, Ksenia has contributed to several projects, including the Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions as well as sample applications. For the MyHR sample app, Ksenia served as lead developer. MyHR is an eSignature REST API and Click API integration built using C# and .NET Core as well as Angular and TypeScript. MyHR demonstrates the use of both Authorization Code Grant and JWT Grant authentication, plus embedded signing, templates, controlling the routing order of envelopes, using ID Verification, formula fields, tab validation, and using the Click API.

Outside of work, Ksenia likes traveling and reading books. You can reach Ksenia on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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