Announcing the DocuSign Winter ‘18 Release: We’re Live!

This quarter we’re going beyond signature to empower people to come to agreement faster and accelerate their business. In order to do so, we are continuing to deliver on our four key pillars  - providing exceptional user experience, empowering key industries, expanding to international markets, and for this quarter, focusing especially on delivering key customer and partner asks. Here’s a taste of the latest innovations unless otherwise noted below:

We’ve also delivered one of the top customer asks for DocuSign for Microsoft Dynamics users - the ability to write data back to Dynamics giving more control over how the data is used. For those of you who use SharePoint as your primary document management & repository system you can not only send documents that are saved in SharePoint, but also save completed documents back to SharePoint. To take advantage of this exciting feature now, download on AppSource.

And how could we forget about our developers? This quarter, we added support for Basic Authentication to account-level custom Connect configurations. This feature enables DocuSign Connect to login to customers’ servers when Connect notifications are delivered. Meaning, better automation with regards to setting usernames and passwords that will be sent. For more information, check out the Connect Support article.

In January, Comments will be available worldwide (we are adding support for EMEA & customers on our EU Data Centers). This feature allows senders and recipients on an envelope to exchange notes seamlessly within DocuSign applications (web & now mobile!), enabling users to collaborate more effectively, accelerate transactions, and securely track and retain conversations. Let’s bring this feature to life: Say you’re sending a job offer letter to a candidate, that candidate can ask questions and clarify information while the document is in flight in order to come to agreement faster. For more information, check out the webpage.

Last but not least in this release are additional enhancements to DocuSign Payments. Launched earlier this year, this feature is a fast and easy way to collect payments and signatures in just one step. Later this month, we are adding Optional Payments (for U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada), and ACH Payments for Authorize.Net (U.S. only). With DocuSign Payments, you can send a document requiring a security deposit or on the flip side, get into the spirit of holiday giving by donating to your favorite non-profit organization. For more information, visit the webpage.

To learn more about the latest capabilities, download the Release Notes or check out the Press Release.

Happy Holidays (and DocuSigning) from all of us to you!

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