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DocuSign vs. HelloSign (now Dropbox Sign)

Trust your agreements to the leader

84% of signers are more likely to continue doing business with a company that uses DocuSign.

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Text messages between two people that read “They accepted your offer!” “Yay! Let’s make it official” “I’ll send you a Dropbox doc,” “…but my Dropbox is full”

Why choose DocuSign eSignature over Dropbox Sign?

  • Security you can count on

    With highly secure encryption standards, 99.9% platform availability and complete digital audit trails, DocuSign eSignature gives you confidence in every transaction. Plus you can get near-real-time alerts and activity tracking to monitor signing activity.

  • Easy Connectivity

    DocuSign has 400+ integrations, including a more robust Salesforce integration. Connect systems faster and easier with the award-winning DocuSign API. In a study of the DocuSign API, developers were 17% more likely to successfully complete test deployment tasks and took less than half of the time to complete test tasks, compared to Dropbox Sign.

  • All your workflows in one place

    Get one platform to prepare, send, sign, store, manage, analyze and automate your agreements. DocuSign customers report time savings of 25-50%.

Think outside the box. Join 1 million customers and 1 billion users who trust DocuSign with their agreements.

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Dropbox Sign customers who switched to DocuSign say…

  • Agreements are not their focus

    Dropbox is known for their file sync and share products, not for agreements. What agreement innovations have they had beyond the HelloSign acquisition?

  • Less robust product

    DocuSign eSignature has more integrations, can do complex routing and more.

  • Security gaps

    DocuSign eSignature has a more robust administration audit trail, system event monitoring and more options for signer authentication to add security to your agreements.

  • Limited Salesforce integration

    Dropbox Sign falls short on features like document generation for Salesforce, an Apex toolkit, code library and more.

Features DocuSign has that Dropbox Sign doesn't

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SMS delivery, responsive signing and signing groups

Make the signing process simple for your users

Delayed routing, scheduled sending and advanced recipient routing

Send agreements for signature easily

CFR Part 11 Validator and FedRAMP Moderate Authorization

Support your compliance efforts with industry regulations

Agreement actions, signing insights and agreement analytics

Get useful insights from your agreements and automate downstream processes

AI-based agreement summarization, liveness detection for ID verification and document highlighting

Save time and work more effectively with AI

Around-the-clock activity tracking, an admin audit log and identity verification

Enhance your agreement security

400+ pre-built integrations

Connect your agreements to all of the tools you already use



Document generation

Generate professional documents in just a few clicks from Salesforce or other sources

Remote online notorization

Notarize agreements online

Think beyond e-signatures alone. DocuSign has been innovating since 2003 to support your entire contract lifecycle.

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"DocuSign simplifies and expedites the signing and submission of documents. This is especially helpful, as it provides a secure environment for teamwork while reducing our paper consumption."

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Resources to help evaluate e-signature vendors


How to Choose an E-Signature Solution

Learn the top 5 things to look for in your e-signature partner.

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DocuSign vs. Dropbox Sign FAQs

  • DocuSign eSignature is highly rated by users for ease of use, setup and administration. More than a million customers and a billion users trust DocuSign with their critical and essential agreements. eSignature is also featured on G2’s 2022 list of the Best Enterprise Products.

  • Yes, we offer a free DocuSign plan that allows you to sign documents from practically any device. Affordable options are also available if you want to send and manage agreements.

  • Yes, you can sign PDFs with our easy-to-use eSignature solution. Other supported file types include Microsoft Word documents, Google Docs, JPG images, presentations and spreadsheets.

  • It’s important to find an e-signature solution that provides digital audit trails to confirm a signature’s validity, producing a court-admissible certificate that includes the date, time and IP address of the signer. Related: Are electronic signatures admissible in court?

    Make sure you choose an e-signature solution like DocuSign eSignature that includes:

    • An electronic record
    • An audit trail
    • A tamper-evident seal
    • Real-time system monitoring and threat detection
    • Enhanced methods to verify the identity of signers

    If a participant in an agreement disputes their signature, or if there is any question about the agreement, having an audit trail can help resolve objections.

  • You bet. DocuSign eSignature meets some of the most stringent global security standards, including: 

    • ISO 27001, PCI Data Security Standard, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 security certifications
    • eSignature supports the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation
    • eSignature is authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate Impact Level
    • eSignature is available in the IL-4 environment to DoD customers
    • Tamper-proof audit trails to support critical regulatory requirements for HIPAA, BAAs and the CMS
    • For regulated GxP documents in the life sciences industry, eSignature supports requirements for CFR Part 11

  • As you evaluate e-signature solutions, such as DocuSign vs. HelloSign (now Dropbox Sign), consider what’s important to your organization. DocuSign eSignature is highly rated for: 

    • An easy-to-use signing experience
    • Ease of integration with existing systems
    • APIs and support for app development
    • Innovation in features and functionality
    • Ability to handle more complex workflows, including multi-signer and multi-document workflows
    • Collaboration features that allow parties to review and suggest edits to documents before signing them
    • Security and trust

84% of signers are more likely to continue doing business with a company that uses DocuSign.

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