Reimagine Government

Inefficient processes and paper-based procedures lead to long delays in delivering on your agency’s mission. DocuSign enables you to easily and cost-effectively digitize workflows, instantly deliver and track forms, and reduce turnaround times for those in need. We help your agency understand and comply with new citizen experience mandates like the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act.

DocuSign is authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, and is listed on the FedRAMP marketplace with a Government Community Cloud deployment model. FedRAMP uses a standardized approach to assess, monitor, and authorize cloud computing products and services for use in government agencies. 




Accelerate Mission Delivery

Complete approvals, agreements, and transactions faster by building end-to-end online processes. Embed electronic signing and payment requests into your existing website, portals, and applications. DocuSign is built to work ‘out-of-box’, easily integrating with the systems and applications commonly used in federal government agencies so you can accelerate providing service to citizens, businesses, and internal stakeholders. Our extensive network of partners and partner applications—plus a full API for customization—ensures DocuSign will work with your existing tools and processes


Gain immediate visibility

During peak procurement season, agencies have thousands of complex contracts to manage. With DocuSign, process efficiency isn’t limited to inside your agency walls. Streamline the process for putting agreements in place for vendors and partners, bringing all your agreements together in a single place for 24/7 access from anywhere. Get a more granular view of the entire contract process and verify status of any contract in real time.


Reduce the cost of delivering your mission

Going digital creates significant opportunities to save the costs associated with couriers, printing, faxing, and paper storage. DocuSign integrates with existing systems for more effective digital records management. The cost savings and speed of DocuSign allow you to redeploy resources to more strategic projects.



White Paper

Read the white paper, “Reimagining Government in the Cloud", to see how eSignatures can empower your agency to deliver on its mission faster and better.







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