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Release 1 - April 11, 2024

Introducing Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM)

Docusign IAM empowers you to treat agreements as the business-critical components they are and understand what’s in them by unlocking agreement data.

A screen in Docusign Maestro shows a workflow including steps to verify buyer identity, collect co-buyer information, and send a document for signature.

Streamline end-to-end agreement workflows

Simplify your complex, cross-system, multi-department agreement processes. When data flows smoothly between applications, you can eliminate errors, speed up processes, verify signer data and achieve faster time to value.

You can now:

  • Build workflows in minutes that automate your agreement processes with Docusign Maestro

  • Customize and extend your agreement processes by connecting apps with Docusign App Center

  • Verify signer data automatically with Data Verification

  • Improve collaboration with enhancements to our Google Docs for CLM integration

Explore Docusign Maestro
An auto loan application created with Docusign Web Forms

Find, analyze and manage agreements by unlocking the data trapped in your static documents

Get visibility into your agreements, understand them better and find them faster.

With Navigator, you can:

  • Centralize agreements for faster searches

  • Put AI to work to better understand business relationships and reduce cost

  • Maintain compliance by tightening agreement access and ensuring terms are recorded correctly

Explore Docusign Navigator
A screen shows an AI-generated agreement summary in Docusign CLM and a notification showing that AI analysis is complete.

Work smarter and faster with AI

Unlocking the power of AI helps you make the most of your time by working smarter and faster.

You can now:

  • Instantly generate agreement summaries in CLM, accelerating contract review

  • Incorporate contract and sales agreement information into Microsoft's AI assistant for sellers, Copilot for Sales

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All release capabilities

  • Docusign Maestro

    Easily build and deploy customized workflows that automate and accelerate your agreement processes without writing any code.

    Explore Docusign Maestro
  • Docusign App Center

    Customize and extend your agreement processes by connecting the tools of your trade within Docusign to make everything faster, easier and more automated.

  • Docusign Navigator

    Centrally store, manage, and analyze agreements with help from AI.

  • Data Verification

    Streamline signer experiences and reduce compliance risk by verifying user-input information in real-time.

  • CLM comment syncing

    Improve comment visibility in Microsoft Word, Google Docs and CLM to provide users with necessary data and context everywhere they are reviewing agreements.

  • Google Docs for CLM integration

    Meet agreement stakeholders in the apps they use every day with seamless collaboration in Google Docs and CLM for streamlined internal review and counterparty negotiations.

  • Embed pre-filled Web Forms into digital applications

    Securely pre-fill Web Forms with existing information from systems of record and embed forms within third-party applications or websites.

  • Agreement summarization for reviewers

    AI Extension for CLM customers can leverage AI to instantly generate agreement summaries, accelerating contract review.

  • Microsoft Sales Copilot integration

    Incorporate contract and sales agreement information into Copilot for Sales. View agreement details based on the CRM record without toggling between Outlook and your CRM.

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