New scheduled sending and delayed routing API endpoints

In this blog post, I’m excited to share new API functionality for our scheduled sending and delayed routing features.

Scheduled sending and delayed routing are features of Docusign Advanced Recipient Routing (ARR). ARR enables you to build complex routing flows, including pauses, conditional routing, and more. 

In the API, options to control the routing flow of an envelope or template are specified by the workflow object. This object contains an array of workflowStep objects, each of which describes rules to be applied to a step in the routing order. To add scheduled sending to an envelope, set the scheduledSending object on the workflow object itself; to add a delay before a given step in the routing order, set the delayedRouting object on the corresponding workflow step.

Before this release, deleting your envelope’s scheduledSending or delayedRouting object required deleting the entire workflow object. Now, you can use one of several new API endpoints to delete or modify these rules at a more granular level.

Let’s walk through some common scenarios.

Delete delayed routing

If the delay has not yet begun, you have two options. You can use the new deleteEnvelopeDelayedRoutingDefinition endpoint to delete the delayedRouting object. Then, you’ll need to unpause the envelope. You can also delete the entire workflow step using the deleteEnvelopeWorkflowStepDefinition endpoint.

If the delay has already begun, you can use a simple workaround. Use the updateEnvelopeDelayedRoutingDefinition endpoint to update the delay/send time to one minute in the future. After a minute, your envelope will be sent!

Delete scheduled sending

If the scheduled sending countdown has not yet begun, call the new deleteEnvelopeScheduledSendingDefinition endpoint.

If the scheduled sending countdown has already begun, you can use another workaround. Call the updateEnvelopeScheduledSendingDefinition and set the scheduled send time to one minute in the future.

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Eleanor Harris
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