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DocuSign Monitor

Protect your agreements with activity tracking

DocuSign Monitor helps teams safeguard agreements

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Get near-real-time alerts with DocuSign Monitor

Preventing damage from unauthorized activity is a major challenge for organizations. While DocuSign meets or exceeds stringent US, EU, and global security standards, your agreements can only be as secure as your organization’s credential management and operational integrity. Monitor provides near real-time visibility into these factors as they relate to your DocuSign agreements and processes. Using advanced analytics to track DocuSign eSignature web, mobile, and API account activity across the organization in near real-time, DocuSign Monitor empowers teams to strengthen security operations.

Line graph on DocuSign Monitor dashboard showing envelope events over the past seven days

Monitor helps teams:

  • Detect potential threats

    Track account activity to identify potential threats, with rules-based alerts.

  • Investigate incidents

    Determine next steps with ready access to in-depth, actionable information.

  • Respond quickly

    Mitigate risk by taking decisive action once a threat is verified.

Connect with the Monitor API

Deliver activity information directly to your existing security stack. The DocuSign Monitor API lets you customize dashboards and alerts in SIEM software, like Splunk, to meet your specific industry, security and regulatory requirements.

Dashboard of alerts in DocuSign Monitor, with a mass envelope detection alert enabled

How does DocuSign Monitor work?

See how DocuSign Monitor can help protect your agreements.

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DocuSign Monitor helps teams safeguard agreements

  • DocuSign Monitor dashboard showing line graphs and bar graphs of events in a user's organization

    Robust activity tracking

    Surface numerous types of events across your organization, including login attempts, password changes, and envelope deletions.

  • Dashboard of alerts in DocuSign Monitor, with a mass envelope detection alert enabled

    Pre-built alerts and SEIM support

    Configure pre-built alerts for common types of potentially suspicious activity and track compromised credentials found on the dark web. Utilize the SEIM integration capabilities to create custom alerts to meet your business needs.

  • Table in DocuSign Monitor of alert IDs with dates, events and IP addresses

    Actionable information

    Investigate suspicious activity with in-depth alert details like IP address, location and history, to rapidly determine next steps.


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