It’s that time of year: The trees are covered in frost, there’s a chill in the air, and the roads are icy. Thankfully, life in the digital age for real estate professionals means less driving around town and more working in the cloud. How else can DocuSign help ensure a wintery weekend, uninterrupted?

Scenario 1: The offer for that winter cabin has officially closed but you’re in a winter cabin yourself without all the deal closing forms. What can you do?

DocuSign Transaction Rooms. This tool dramatically accelerates time to close, provides real-time access to transaction data, and reduces costs.

Q: How do I bulk upload templates?

Need to send out the same document to a variety of people? With a few taps on your device, you can make this time-consuming task simple. Here’s how.

Q: How do I delete a document? 

It’s a phenomenon we’ve all experienced: Proofreading a document with excruciating precision — just after it’s uploaded or sent. Revisions happen, and with DTR, deleting a document is simple — which means you can hit the slopes all the more quickly.  If you’re the document owner, simply right click the document, select delete, and voila – it’s a thing of the past.  

Q: I’m just getting started with Transaction Rooms. Where do I begin?

Whether you’re new to Transaction Rooms or are just looking for a refresher, these step-by-step video guides for the broker edition provide a thorough how-to on leveraging the power of digital.

Scenario 2: You’re snowed in at your own winter cabin — without internet service.

Enter DocuSign offline capabilities. You can easily prepare, sign, and send documents even when your door is held shut by six feet of snow, and

Q: How do I sign offline?

Start at your home screen as usual and tap “Add document,” then “sign now.” You will then be offered the option to sign offline. The completed document will be saved on your device and uploaded to DocuSign when a network connection becomes available. The rest of the process is just like normal – add tags, tap “Finish,” then tap “Confirm signing” – and you’re done!

Q: How do I send a document for signature offline?

Simply tap “send a document,” then tap “add” and select a source for the document. Enter the full name and email of the recipient, then tap “send.” When a network connection becomes available, your document will automatically be sent.

Q: Unable to sign offline? Check the settings of your document.

While offline capabilities will be available in a majority of cases, there are some settings that may not allow you to send a document while offline. Check out the list here and plan in advance to ensure you prepare these documents ahead of time before your long weekend!

Have more questions? Head over to the DocuSign Community Forums and ask away! Here’s to an uninterrupted long weekend filled with snow, skiing, and most importantly — no paperwork.