C.A.R. Standard Forms for Real Estate Transactions Now Available in the DocuSign Forms Library

Real estate transactions are complex, paper-intensive, regulated processes that involve a diverse group of stakeholders and a high volume of documents. It’s no wonder the typical deal takes 50 days to close.

While brokerages that use electronic signatures are ahead of the curve, without an integrated transaction management solution, agents often bear the burden of re-entering the same client data multiple times to complete dozens of standard real estate forms before sending them for signature. This can take valuable time away from building client relationships.

DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate streamlines the transaction process by centralizing all transaction documents and details in a single workspace. The DocuSign forms library includes smart-tagged forms from over 100 state and local associations, with comprehensive coverage across the US. 

There are over 200,000 REALTORS® in California and together they completed over 4.9M residential transactions in 2020. Now, CAR members are able to access the C.A.R. Standard Forms directly from DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate. 

“In California, like many states, the state association (CAR) forms are the trusted, legally accepted medium for our agents to complete their transactions. I’m excited to see what DocuSign is building in a form fill experience, given many of our agents already know and love DocuSign core products.”

-Jason Lytz, Regional Director, BHHS Drysdale CA

Using DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate

The DocuSign forms library allows agents to add relevant documents to a transaction room, including offers, listing agreements, disclosures, and purchase and sale agreements. The agent can then prepare the forms for the client to sign. Any data entered into the room details will auto-populate in the documents, reducing the potential for human error from re-keying information, and accelerating the overall process. No more going to a different system to access forms and fill in all the same information multiple times. 

Agents can send the documents to the client for signature using DocuSign eSignature, and submit them for brokerage review, all from the same application. This integration keeps the deal moving forward in a consistent, timely manner and creates a drama-free closing day. And your clients enjoy an efficient experience with the leading e-signature solution.

Rooms for Real Estate allows brokers to customize the solution to match the unique workflows, permissions, and hierarchy of their office, while maintaining visibility and control. Digitizing the transaction process with an integrated solution also helps reduce costs and make compliance easier. 

By modernizing how your brokerage manages agreements with DocuSign, you can close real estate transactions faster, with less risk, lower costs and better experiences for everyone involved. 

Find out if your association’s forms are a part of the DocuSign forms library.

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