By Lambert Walsh

At DocuSign, we’re in the business of making workflows simple, easy, and streamlined. This philosophy applies to more than our technology: We recently gave our DocuSign Support Center a refresh to help our customers find answers to their questions even more simply and intuitively. We’re achieving  our philosophy in a variety of ways, described below.

Opportunities for Innovation

With the DocuSign Support Center (DSC), our goal is to do far more than help customers fix what’s broken. It’s also about helping them think about the challenges in their business and how DocuSign can help solve them. It’s about helping them plan their next opportunity. Many of our videos and tutorials aren’t just for the purpose of troubleshooting, but rather, to help customers understand the innovation possibilities and to open up new experiences doors for their businesses. The DSC is a core way that we to engage with our customers — and it’s as much about helping them achieve their overall digital strategies as it is about fixing a problem.

A Data-Driven Approach  

The key to our DSC refresh, and to business as a whole, is the ability to immediately respond to changing customer needs and requirements.  We make it our mission to constantly adapt. When we see a shift in customer behavior, we immediately respond to that behavior.  There’s no one-size-fits all solution. Rather, we designed the DSC to use different response techniques best-suited for specific problems.

We look at data that supports resolution rates for specific question types and strategize ways to best address those questions for customers, in the manner most effective for them.

For example, video content may be the best way to help customers with a certain issue, whereas other questions may be more effectively solved through a live chat with a customer support agent. Others may be most efficiently answered  through online self-help or in-product diagnostic capabilities. Regardless of the method we use for communication, our goal is to look at the causality between the problems the customers are facing and the resolution rates. We’re continually measuring the effectiveness and the efficiency of how to enable our customers with the right information, when they need it.


We take a look at how to best guide customers through this experience, and are continually tuning and adapting it. The DSC is the biggest core part of our response system and the biggest engagement model that we possess as a company. Half-a-million visitors use the  DSC every month, and the search capabilities and search engine are all driven off of causality and analysis and forensics. For us, it’s a constant adaption to customer requirements that we’re seeing in the business and the technology.

For example, as part of the support center refresh, we’ve redesigned the landing page to enable customers to see the most effective resources associated with digital adoption, and anticipating the challenges customers often face when they implement new workflows or business processes.

Access to Best Practices

Much of the information on the DSC discusses best practices. We draw from what we see in the developer communities, advice from other customers further along in their deployments, and proven practices applied by our service teams in their customer engagements.  Armed with that knowledge, we look across  the overall ecosystem to surface best practices, and processes around what’s possible. We’re constantly adapting as people engage, and continue to fine-tune.

Providing a Curated Experience

Our philosophy behind the DSC is  to help people gain easy access to the information that’s most relevant to them based on their goals. We take into account what customers are trying to accomplish, common questions, and knowledge of their specific search queries, and then automatically surface up content that is most applicable to their individual situation. That may mean taking them from a very general experience to providing resources that specifically apply to a document signer or a sender –  for example, surfacing a video from DocuSign University that shows them how to use new envelope capabilities. Overall, it’s about creating a more intuitive, cleaner experience and automatically providing the right information  quickly. In a sense, it’s a curated experience for individuals that helps them answer their specific questions.

Curious to see what the DocuSign Support Center can do for you and your business? Take a look here.