Two New Apex Code Examples have been Released

Those of you who are building apps for the Salesforce ecosystem, and those of you who may be interested in doing so, will be happy to know we have recently released two additional super-useful code examples for the DocuSign Apex toolkit, a handy SDK that enables developers to build Salesforce integrations using the DocuSign eSignature REST API seamlessly.

Unit Testing: This code example shows developers how to add unit tests for Apex code using the DocuSign Apex Toolkit. Salesforce requires that all code that is shipped in packages in the Salesforce Marketplace includes unit tests.

Sending Multiple Envelopes: This code example shows you how to send multiple envelopes in a single transaction using the Apex Toolkit. For example, HR may send out a batch of customized offer letters at one time.

We're sure you'll find these new code examples useful! Please feel free to contact the team with any questions by emailing

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Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
Sr. Manager, Developer Content
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