Test-Drive Our APIs at Devoxx Belgium

Hey Java friends, what are you doing November 5-8? The DocuSign API team and our devs from our Paris office will be in Antwerp again this year for Devoxx Belgium, part of the largest Java community conference series. We are a Silver sponsor again this year, and we’ll be hanging out at booth 17 with a puzzle wall for you to solve to win prizes. The current record is 10 minutes. Think you can beat it?

We’ll be keeping the best swag for those who come see a demo our new DocuSign Developer Labs learning tool to make their first DocuSign API calls right in the booth. Developer Labs was built by our amazing summer intern team, and you can read their blog post to find out more about them and the technical details of the project.

Our French engineers will be on hand to answer your questions about integrating DocuSign Identify, which enables you to add EU-specific ID verification options to meet both Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature levels under eIDAS. Ask us about electronic seals support via our Java SDK, which we announced last year at Devoxx France. By enabling companies to digitally seal documents, electronic seals can be used by companies to show origin and integrity of documents at any given step of an agreement workflow.

Don’t forget to bookmark these helpful DocuSign developer resources:

Caly Heasman
Caly Heasman
Developer and Admin Advocacy Director
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