TrailheaDX 2019 - That's a Wrap!

That’s a wrap! We had an incredible time this week at TrailheaDX 2019. For those that couldn’t attend this year, here’s what you missed!

Agreement Cloud for Salesforce

At our booth, our DocuSign for Salesforce evangelists, developers, and product specialists demonstrated products under the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce, including the new Gen for Salesforce and our Apex Toolkit.

DocuSign Gen for Salesforce

TrailheaDX admins were particularly delighted by our new document generation product, DocuSign Gen. With Gen, admin users can automatically generate agreements in just a few clicks (no code!). Users can seamlessly merge-in customer, product, and pricing data. They can also insert or exclude content based on business rules or Salesforce data, such as deal size.

To learn more about DocuSign Gen for Salesforce, check out the product page and watch our video demonstration.

Apex Toolkit

For those unfamiliar, our Apex Toolkit is a set of predefined Apex methods, classes, and utilities that encapsulate a set of the DocuSign eSignature API functionality (similar to an SDK). The toolkit enables developers to integrate DocuSign and Salesforce functionality into your Apex code.

Here are a few of the high-level scenarios you can address with the Apex Toolkit:

  • Embedded Signing: Extend DocuSign into your Salesforce Communities. Capture Salesforce form data and create and sign envelopes, all without your customers leaving your Community.
  • Bulk Sending: Send an envelope to a group of users at once. Each user receives a customized copy of the envelope.
  • Envelope Actions: Correct, resend, or void envelopes previously sent.

The Apex Toolkit is exposed from the DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials managed package currently available on the Salesforce AppExchange. For an overview and installation steps, head over to the DocuSign Developer Center.

Self-Paced Coursework

To compliment our demos, DocuSign University provided coursework covering DocuSign Gen for Salesforce, Envelope Configurations and Salesforce Process Builder. To complete this exclusive content (and much more!) on your own, come find us at Dreamforce.

Speaking Sessions

In our theater session, Marshall Nam, Product Management Director, gave a “DocuSign State of the Union” session within the context of the Salesforce ecosystem. As a developer, admin, or architect what can you accomplish by using DocuSign with Salesforce? Which DocuSign product or set of products are right for you?

In our breakout, Shweta Dhamapurkar, a Software Engineer on the DocuSign for Salesforce team, gave a talk on the Apex Toolkit. After describing DocuSign basics, Shweta explained how developers can use it, talked about the seven classes that implement methods to call the DocuSign eSignature API and showed how our partners are using it to quickly develop custom Salesforce solutions.

Bummed you missed our sessions? Good news! This content (and much more!) will be available at our Momentum Conference, where you will hear product announcements and learn best practices from experts in each of our three tracks: business, product, and developer. Register today!

Giveaways & Raffle

Attendees were encouraged to “DocuSign themselves” into our daily raffle using a custom raffle app leveraging the DocuSign eSignature API. Our lucky winners walked away with a brand new pair of Airpods and a Nintendo Switch. Congratulations!

Where Will We Be Next?

The DocuSign API team is traveling to San Jose next week for AltConf. If you dabble in iOS, we would highly recommend you stop by our booth to chat about our iOS SDK. Registration is free.

Following AltConf, DocuSign is hosting its annual Momentum Conference and Hackathon in San Francisco, including a DocuSign for Salesforce workshop. Registration for developers is completely free! Click here to learn more.

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