Sending an order form including payment by credit card

In many industries, valid sales orders require the customer’s agreement in addition to their payment. With DocuSign Payments, it is easy to add a payment form to the signature request.

But suppose you want to programmatically send a signature request that includes a payment form? This blog post will show you how.

A target="_blank" rel="noopener">4-minute video demonstrates the user’s experience and includes an overview of the C# code example.

There are two techniques for sending the order form with a payment request:

Use a DocuSign Template

In this case, an order form, including integration with DocuSign Payments, is first created using the DocuSign web tool. The order form is created as a DocuSign template, enabling it to be easily sent to purchasers as needed.

A benefit of using a template is that it enables business managers to use the DocuSign web tool to update and manage the template by themselves—often without requiring software changes.

The order form’s template can also be sent programmatically using the DocuSign API. This C# code example was used for the video. It includes an example order form template you can upload to your account. In addition, DocuSign customer service has written a helpful guide for creating an order form with payments.

Java and Node.js code examples for sending an envelope by using a template are also available. Start by reviewing the installation instructions for the C# code example since it includes all of the steps for installing and configuring a payment form. Examples for other languages are in production.

Programmatically creating the order form and payment integration

For finer-grained control, you can also programmatically add payment fields to a document. Code examples for Node.js and Curl show the process.


Collecting payment during the signing ceremony is easy with DocuSign. DocuSign Payments can be used to accept credit card and debit card payments. DocuSign Payments can also be used for payment by check. In all cases, you can automate the process by using the API as the above examples demonstrate.

Larry Kluger
Larry Kluger
Lead Product Manager, Partner Platform