DocuSign Developer: Deep Dive Discussions – Responsive Signing & Smart Sections

The DocuSign Developer: Deep Dive Discussions video series covers ground from basic to complex DocuSign API use, as well as insights from our experts on best practices to speed up your development.

In this episode, David Miller, Senior Software Engineer, explains how developers can make their DocuSign documents both responsive and smart. After giving an overview of each feature, David jumps into Postman to demonstrate how a few simple changes to a createEnvelope() method can activate these document enhancements.

In the past, when signing on mobile devices, tablets, or other small screens, your recipient would need to pinch, zoom, scan, and pan across the document. Responsive Signing makes documents quick and easy to view, read, and sign on any device without specialized gestures.

Similarly, Smart Sections help simplify some of the complexities inherent in documents. Developers can specify collapsible areas on an agreement so users aren’t inundated with unnecessary or irrelevant portions of a document.

Ready to get started? Our developer community can get started with these features by heading to the DocuSign Developer Center and by speaking to an account representatives.

Watch DocuSign Developer – DocuSign Responsive Signing & Smart Sections

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Matthew Roknich is Developer Evangelist and a lifelong problem solver. His current projects outside of DocuSign involve advanced IoT and sustainability. He can be found on a soapbox talking about the eSignature API at a variety of developer conferences, hackathons, and meetups.