DocuSign Developer: Deep Dive Discussions – Code Example Launchers

The DocuSign Developer: Deep Dive Discussions video series covers ground from basic to complex DocuSign API use, as well as insights from our experts on best practices to speed up your development.

In this episode, Larry Kluger, Lead Developer Evangelist, showcases his PHP code example launcher, which is a handy tool for quickly previewing a variety of DocuSign API functionality all in one place.

Larry designed full workflow code examples for all of our developer’s preferred languages:  C#, PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. For each language, Larry created a set of 14 or more examples that demonstrate the most popular DocuSign API capabilities, such as embedded sending, sending with a template, and implementing DocuSign payments.

In addition to enabling developers to run individual examples, the launcher also demonstrates how to implement the OAuth Authorization Code Grant flow for the language and its software stack.

To get started with any one of the code launchers, head to DocuSign’s Github.  

Functionality demonstrated through the code example launcher(s)

  1. Embed the DocuSign signing ceremony
  2. Send an envelope with a remote (email) signer and cc recipient.
  3. List envelopes in the user's account.
  4. Get an envelope's basic information.
  5. List an envelope's recipients and their current status.

...and many more!

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Matthew Roknich is Developer Evangelist and a lifelong problem solver. His current projects outside of DocuSign involve advanced IoT and sustainability. He can be found on a soapbox talking about the eSignature API at a variety of developer conferences, hackathons, and meetups.