Our COVID-19 response to developers: DocuSign is here to help

Early in March, as technology events were getting cancelled, employees were asked to work from home, and schools started closing, I remember thinking about the potential impact of the pandemic on the world. I knew things would change. And today it’s abundantly clear that they have.

One of the biggest shifts as we adapt to the new normal is the number of people working remotely. At DocuSign, we’re in a unique position to help. Our eSignature solution and broader agreement cloud suite are fundamentally designed to simplify working from (almost) anywhere. And as our CEO Dan Springer has said on our latest Covid-19 resource page: “We recognize this is a moment to step up, and we are".

I’d encourage you to visit that page to see how we are supporting customers in multiple industries, across a variety of business functions, and for many different use cases. The intent is to share what we are learning.

My team has also pulled together a specific COVID-19 resources for developers page on our Developer Center. Here we cover remote patient onboarding, remote hiring and onboarding, emergency lending, emergency government services, remote learning, remote notary services, remote supply chain management, among several other scenarios. You’ll find guidance, tools, and code examples in eight programming languages, all of which should help you stand apps up faster and more efficiently. 

As we all work through the response to the pandemic, we will learn more, and we’ll share these learnings on our COVID-19 resources for developers page. In the meantime, if you have any use cases, learnings or how-to’s that you can share with the broader community, please let us know at devcontent@docusign.com


Marie Huwe is VP of Technical Evangelism and Information, where she leads the DocuSign mission to create a best-in-class developer experience and fabulous developer community for the DocuSign Agreement Cloud—helping developers worldwide create, connect, and automate how organizations prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements.

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Marie Huwe
Marie Huwe
VP of Technical Evangelism and Information
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