Calling All Salesforce Developers and Admins at TrailheaDX

DocuSign is a proud Summit-level sponsor at Salesforce’s TrailheaDX conference at the end of March. We’re excited to meet up with fellow developers and admins to discuss DocuSign for Salesforce. If you’re attending the conference, we hope to see you at one (or both!) of our can’t-miss sessions:

  • Clicks, Code, Customized Design: this developer-focused session will not only cover the integration of DocuSign for Salesforce, it will feature discussions surrounding invokable actions, step-by-step recipes, process builder, APEX toolkit, and DocuSign Payments.
  • If you’re a Salesforce admin, join us for DocuSign in Less Than 60 Seconds. On the docket is admin functionality and custom buttons – which enable you to automate common tasks and standardize processes, resulting in time saved and errors reduced – plus much more.

In this video, you’ll see how BNY Mellon designed, developed, tested, and rolled out their DocuSign for Salesforce integration in just a matter of months. The seamless experience resulted in easy maintenance in the form of automatic updates in the cloud and a scalable system design.

DocuSign for Salesforce is configurable, includes signing for any business process inside Salesforce, and enables you to track statuses in real time. This video demonstrates how Salesforce themselves have integrated DocuSign into their systems.

TrailheaDX is sure to be a fun, enlightening, and memorable event, and we can’t wait to see you there! In the meantime, if you want to get started early, head to these resources: