Drive Security, Scalability and Oversight with Docusign

Whether the economy is expanding and growth is your priority or times are uncertain and you seek to protect your bottom line, you’re always looking ahead. Part of that forward-thinking mindset should include considering ways to harness the power of digital transformation. Improving efficiency in today’s challenging times helps to control costs and mitigate risks. When the economy rebounds, it pays major dividends because you’ll be ready to scale rapidly and seamlessly.

Agreements are cornerstones to growth and efficiency. As your company creates documents for all different sectors and audiences, how do you ensure all relevant parties have the proper tools? With Docusign, organizations can create multiple accounts to meet the diverse needs of their business units and geographies. Docusign gives system administrators the digital infrastructure to efficiently manage their growing e-signature ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at how Docusign streamlines agreement steps while ensuring that three essential corporate objectives—security, scalability and oversight—are always front and center as you grow.

Docusign Identify: fast digital verification that customers trust 

Today’s most critical agreements—financial activities, medical forms, legal documentation, employee onboarding, etc.—often require customers to jump through a series of security hoops to verify their identity. That process usually involves a clunky mixture of digital activities and paper documentation.

Docusign built that better way: Identify. It’s an advanced identity verification tool that allows customers to prove their identity by correctly answering basic personal questions or simply taking a photo of a government-issued ID card. That information provided can be confirmed in minutes without leaving the Docusign workflow. It’s a simple way to satisfy necessary security requirements without forcing customers to do something that may cause them to abandon the agreement.

By eliminating traditionally painful parts of the contracting process, Identify offers a better customer experience. It also reduces the time between providing personal information and receiving confirmation, which improves trust that vital personal information is kept safe.

The Docusign contract lifecycle and the power of multiple accounts

Docusign helps organizations of all sizes handle a range of workflows, simplifying the contract management lifecycle across an organization. With multiple accounts, Docusign can go further, helping administrators address all their unique users and their needs.

Having multiple accounts under a single corporate domain strengthens efficiency along with security, scalability and oversight. You might want separate accounts for different:

  • Departments. Each department in your organization—such as HR, legal, sales, purchasing and IT—has specific needs.
  • Business units. Similarly, each business unit—retail vs. bulk sales, B2B vs. B2C, individual brands, new acquisitions—has varying needs, especially if an organization spans multiple geographies with unique local regulations.
  • Use cases. Security and privacy settings may vary by individual, even within the same department or business unit. This could also be true for integrations such Workday and Salesforce.
  • Data residency. Organizations, particularly those that operate globally, need to make sure that their processes for e-signature and agreement management are in accordance with the data protection laws of each country in which they do business.
  • Employee-owned accounts. It happens, and not by design: an employee creates their own accounts without realizing that they should go through their employer’s Docusign administrator. Bringing these accounts under centralized administration is essential to oversight and security.

Docusign Admin Tools: achieving control under one roof

With Admin Tools, you get visibility into multiple accounts and have the power to delegate administrative responsibilities as needed. Whether you’re the CIO or an operational lead, Docusign empowers you to ensure security, scalability and oversight across agreements.

Objective 1: Security

Managing security settings across multiple accounts manually is a huge challenge and can lead to greater risk and costly consequences. Admin Tools has built-in features to keep multiple accounts secure.

  • Single sign on (SSO) makes sure that your employees access Docusign the way you want them to. With the Admin Tools SSO feature, you can control how your employees access and interact with Docusign.

Poor password hygiene is a major cause of data breaches; 65% of people reuse the same password across multiple accounts. SSO steps over this pitfall by granting access to users based on established credentials, making your accounts more secure.

  • Automatic provisioning is a simple way to create, modify and delete user accounts based on changes in your organization. Automatic provisioning also includes auto activation flow. No matter which agreements your employees sign, you have the ultimate management power.
  • Being able to claim your domain prevents the creation of unmanaged accounts using your company’s email domain.

Objective 2: Scalability

Efficiency opens the door to scalability. By giving each department separate accounts, you have total flexibility to tailor signing and sending settings, enabling you to grow sustainably. Docusign is specifically designed to facilitate organizational growth.

  • Account configuration allows you to compare account settings side by side to quickly configure new accounts and ensure they are compliant. With Admin Tools, account compliance is an automatic part of your processes.
  • Delegated administration gives each user the permissions they need to perform the tasks they’re responsible for, whether that’s running reports or managing account settings. Delegation alleviates the burden and the potential bottleneck of having just one person shoulder all tasks.
  • Bulk actions enables you to simultaneously update and manage a high volume of users and multiple accounts. You can export user lists, add new users, update users, and export/import account settings across multiple accounts.

Objective 3: Oversight

Visibility into your accounts helps to reveal potential issues around security and compliance, and empowers admins to act quickly. Docusign offers features that provide you with organization wide visibility and control.

  • Comprehensive visibility offers detailed information about envelopes, users and accounts across an organization. It also simplifies sending  envelopes and customization of where they go once they’re signed. You can assign a default account for sending and saving agreements and easily modify envelope ownership within the organization. 
  • External account management enables you to bring unauthorized accounts made by your employees—including trial and freemium accounts—under your organizational control. You eliminate the possibility that employees use company credentials to manage documents without company visibility. 
  • Centralized user management tools makes it easy to view all your organization’s users, manage which accounts they can access and set default accounts.

Docusign Monitor: the next level of control and security

When you want even more muscular tools for security operations and compliance, you can look to Docusign Monitor to detect suspicious activity. With over 65 events and more than 20 predefined alerts to streamline deployment, Monitor does three things:

  • Detects potential threats within your accounts
  • Provides ready access to key investigatory data
  • Helps administrators swiftly respond to threats in near real time before they cause serious damage

Separate from the Docusign Admin Tools suite, Monitor is a next-level solution that identifies and mitigates risk. It simplifies compliance with U.S., EU and global security standards and easily integrates into your existing security stack through the Monitor API and Splunk Marketplace app.

A powerful toolkit to improve security, scalability and oversight

With Docusign, you get everything you need to be nimble and competitive at all times. Identify helps your team and your customers clear important security hurdles quickly and easily. Admin Tools is the latest generation of digital solutions to support security, scalability and oversight for your organization, with features unmatched by basic e-signature providers. For enhanced security capabilities, consider adding Docusign Monitor. 

Be prepared for every opportunity and every challenge. To learn more about the Docusign security toolkit, contact our sales team or visit our security overview.

Docusign Agreement Security Package

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