Developer Spotlight: Priyanka Bhalere, Accenture

Spotlight Developer, Priyanka Bhalere

Priyanka Bhalere graduated with a degree in computer engineering in 2016 from Pune University. She has been working as a robotic process automation (RPA) developer over the last four years, automating different processes to help organizations grow. Currently, she is an Application Development Senior Analyst with Accenture designing automated process solutions.

One of Priyanka’s Accenture projects required integrating DocuSign with Salesforce. For this project, she explored the features of the DocuSign eSignature REST API for sending an envelope and getting the status from DocuSign. She was pleased to experience how quickly and efficiently it’s possible to automate the signing process with DocuSign.

Priyanka has been designated an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by UiPath, the leading RPA platform, and was a finalist in their UiPath Hackathon 2021. Apart from work, she likes gardening, going outside, enjoying nature’s beauty, and listening to music. She would be happy to connect on LinkedIn and her YouTube channel, where she creates videos on different use cases, guidance for beginners in automation development, and more. Also, she has uploaded a video to her channel on how to automate the signing process with DocuSign APIs.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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