Developer Spotlight: Luis Cesar, imobme

Spotlight Developer, Luis César

Luis César began his software development career with a degree in Information Systems Technology from UNIRONDON in his native Brazil. He has spent the past 11 years as a systems programmer and analyst working for a variety of high-tech business clients. He recently began a new position at imobme, a leading vendor of real estate management software. 

Luis built his DocuSign integration for a client, Plano & Plano, a major Brazilian engineering, construction, and real estate development firm. Plano & Plano needed a way to integrate digital signatures into their brokerage and real estate management system, enabling the company to automate contracts. Luis’ solution, built on a platform of .NET Core and SQL Server, used the eSignature REST API for this integration, with DocuSign Connect webhooks used to get status on envelopes. Luis based his work on a domain-driven design using layers (repository, infrastructure, and services) and a domain model pattern. Using Luis’ integration, Plano & Plano was able to digitize their entire contract process.

Luis doesn’t spend all his time at work. ;-) He loves being with his family, spending time with his son, and hanging out with friends. You can reach Luis on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
Senior Programmer Writer