Developer Spotlight: Emmanuel Sambo, The Mom Project

Spotlight Developer, Emmanuel Sambo

Emmanuel Sambo grew up in Germany and earned a BS in computer science before moving to the US. A developer since 2004, he has used a wide variety of programming languages and currently enjoys developing in Ruby and Elixir. He has a passion for clean, maintainable, and well-tested code. He currently works at The Mom Project as a Senior Software Developer and recently led a DocuSign integration.

The Mom Project is committed to building a better workplace by harnessing the oft-overlooked intellectual workplace power of moms, connecting its community of over 300,000 with opportunities at 2,000+ family-friendly employers. Their DocuSign integration automatically prefills a DocuSign template, and then collects sensitive data required for hiring and manages it with authentication and authorization provided by DocuSign. The eSignature REST API integration with impersonated JWT Grant provides the automation necessary for serving more moms and efficiently connecting them with the best opportunities.

Outside of work, Emmanuel enjoys being in nature by taking photos and going on a swim or hike. He is accessible on LinkedIn and GitHub.

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