Developer Spotlight: Damiaan Peeters, Umbrace

Spotlight Developer, Damiaan Peeters

After graduating from Karel De Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp (Belgium) in Applied Informatics, Damiaan Peeters worked for a few small and large nonprofit and enterprise organizations, at first as internal help desk, where he was “the IT guy”, doing everything from managing servers and servicing printers to developing the website. Later, he advanced into developer roles for various projects. He started working with Microsoft Access, VBA, Visual Basic, and later PHP, and since 2004, he has been developing with .NET. While his first projects were Windows-based, he gradually rolled into the wonderful world of web development. In 2006 he began devoting full time to his own web agency, Umbrace.

Damiaan’s current project is for Cardoen (BE), the car supermarket. They want to enter the next era of car sales: this means that buyers should be able to sign a contract for a car from home.

As the documents are rather complex, Damiaan could not use templates from DocuSign. To leverage the PDFs created internally by Cardoen’s systems, Damiaan worked together with the internal developer, who inserted an anchor tab so that DocuSign knows where to put the signature field. When Damiaan’s code picks up the generated document, it uses the DocuSign eSignature REST API to send the document to the salesperson and then to the customer(s). Damiaan and his colleague have started adding more fields to the documents, such as checkboxes and text fields, to capture more data.

When he is not building software, you might find Damiaan running in a park, reading an interesting book, talking at a tech conference, or performing magic tricks on stage. You can reach Damiaan on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
Senior Programmer Writer