Become an Account Management Hero with Docusign Admin Tools

If your organization has access to Docusign Admin Tools, you’re part of a community of businesses leveraging this powerful solution for greater security, scalability and oversight. 

At its core, Admin Tools is a comprehensive suite of solutions that centralizes and simplifies user and account management, giving organizations complete control under one roof.

Yet many businesses aren’t using Admin Tools to its full potential. By overlooking its full capabilities, you could be missing the opportunity to reduce risk and secure company agreements while boosting efficiency.

From claiming a domain and setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) to managing multiple accounts and centralized reporting, Admin Tools delivers comprehensive capabilities designed to support security and increase productivity.

Discover how Admin Tools can revolutionize how you manage domains, users, accounts and reporting and benefit from exciting new self-serve offerings.

Claim your domain to streamline operations and enhance security

For many Docusign customers, the first step in their Admin Tools journey is to claim a domain—a crucial move with numerous benefits.

Businesses run on agreements, and maintaining control of all documents sent and signed under a company’s domain is essential. Claiming a domain stops employees from creating personal Docusign accounts using their work email addresses. By managing all domain users, you gain control over any agreement signed on behalf of the company. And the next step in security is to set up SSO for those domain users. This guarantees all your corporate agreements are accessed using company-approved authentication requirements. 

Surprisingly, many organizations overlook these two critical steps. By claiming a domain, businesses set the foundation for a more secure and organized system under one umbrella, ensuring agreements are under company control and access to those valuable assets is protected. 

For example, SSO allows administrators to control how employees access Docusign. Poor password hygiene is a significant cause of data breaches, and SSO eliminates this pitfall by granting access to users based on verified credentials, making accounts more secure.

By enabling features like SSO, consolidating external accounts and using the advanced analytics and activity tracking capabilities of Docusign Monitor, businesses can effectively streamline operations, enhance data protection and optimize performance—all in one place.

The power of multiple accounts

Admin Tools recognizes diverse business needs and offers the option to create multiple accounts under a single domain. This is important, as it allows companies to optimize processes while maintaining security and control where departments have distinct requirements and workflows. For example, sensitive documents—like those used in HR or legal—remain confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. In addition, the ability to create multiple accounts helps organizations meet geographic data residency requirements and support varied departmental settings, system integrations, and billing and usage tracking by team. 

Using separate accounts to tailor e-signature and agreement management processes means global organizations can adhere to local compliance and data protection laws. Additionally, Admin Tools offers valuable data insights through linked accounts. These insights enable tracking performance metrics and identifying improvement opportunities for strategic decision-making.

Gain valuable insights with Docusign Monitor and centralized reporting 

Unlike traditional security measures, Monitor acts as a personal security partner, offering a range of benefits that simplify compliance with U.S., EU and global security standards. From simultaneous logins on different devices to unusual downloads or deletion of envelopes, Monitor keeps businesses informed of critical activities before they escalate, providing peace of mind through real-time notifications.  

Using the reporting functionality in Admin Tools, organizations can gain a better understanding of usage across different accounts and departments. The reporting functionality allows businesses to track vital metrics, such as how long it takes for document signing. By leveraging these valuable data points, users can identify bottlenecks, implement strategies to decrease signing times and optimize workflows.

Optimize Docusign Admin tools in your organization

Improve organizational efficiency and streamline processes by maximizing the advantages of Docusign Admin Tools. Access our session now to discover how your business can benefit by boosting efficiency and productivity. Plus, don’t miss out on game-changing new features in the Admin Tools pipeline.

Admin Tools is included with every Enterprise Pro plan and can be added to other plans.

Manage Growth Efficiently and Securely with Docusign Admin Tools

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