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White Paper

DocuSign: Efficient Security Tools That Customers Trust

Economic uncertainty doesn't mean companies should be standing still. When every dollar counts, it’s exactly the time to improve efficiency with digital transformation. With modern teams processing so many documents digitally, it’s critical to find the right software to protect the valuable information in those agreements.

In this eBook, we discuss how DocuSign’s robust security toolkit equips system administrators with all the capabilities they need to efficiently manage their growing eSignature ecosystem. Learn more about DocuSign’s suite of tools to help any team improve security, scalability and oversight, including:

  • Identify: Utilize an advanced identity verification tool that allows customers to digitally prove their identity

  • Admin Tools: Centralize management of users, accounts and single sign-on (SSO) to protect and manage corporate assets from a single user interface

  • Monitor: Track suspicious activities with near real-time insights that help you stop risky behavior before it becomes a threat