12 Docusign Integrations for Smarter Business Practices

Back when Docusign was founded in 2003, the world was a very different place. Our pockets were filled with devices for everything we wanted to do: a cell phone, an mp3 player, a digital camera, a pocket calculator–that is, until five years later when smartphones came on the scene and brought all these into one sleek package.

These days, it’s almost impossible to imagine how we managed so many standalone devices. Why bother switching devices when it’s time to pause the music and make a phone call?

And yet, so many of our modern business systems continue to be used as standalone apps, requiring users to manually switch between them all to complete a single task. But just as our devices began to integrate with each other, Docusign solutions can be integrated into most enterprise software to help streamline contract workflows.

Check out these 12 Docusign integrations that will streamline your business processes.


The Docusign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce leverages automated workflows to maximize your Salesforce investment. With pre-integrated products like eSignature, Gen and CLM, this full suite of Salesforce applications helps you speed up processes, reduce cost and improve customer experience.

The Docusign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce allows your team to prepare, sign, act on and manage contracts all without leaving Salesforce. This means growing businesses all the way to enterprise companies can start automating and accelerating their revenue cycles by closing deals faster, orchestrating complex workflows simply, and creating differentiated customer experiences with Docusign right from Salesforce. And with clicks-not-code configuration, no technical expertise is required to get started.

Our joint products have been recognized as market leaders and have more than 3,000 5-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. The multiple Docusign for Salesforce offerings help organizations of all sizes accelerate business workflows, reduce costs and elevate customer experiences directly where the work gets done.

Learn more or get started with Salesforce integrations.  


Docusign eSignature easily integrates with SAP products like SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Customer Experience, SAP Fieldglass and more. These integrations provide eSignature capabilities directly in SAP technologies to streamline and improve business processes, increase savings, reduce risk, and enhance compliance.

If you’re an SAP customer, contact your account manager to enable Docusign in SAP to begin using eSignature today to accelerate your agreements. Also, if you use SAP Ariba and want to learn even more about your contracts, check out how Docusign helps analyze agreements when integrated into SAP Ariba.


Docusign has partnered with Microsoft to bring the power of eSignature to every corner of Microsoft’s world of applications: Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Teams and Power Automate.

In Teams, Word, Outlook and SharePoint, you can go from document creation to editing and collaboration to approval all within the Microsoft application of your choice–and all without leaving your favorite productivity tool. Docusign integrations also allows you to manage your document’s entire lifecycle, from contract generation to storage, entirely within Dynamics CRM.

Learn more about Docusign for Microsoft.


Docusign eSignature for ServiceNow modernizes the agreement process so businesses can manage signature requests within the ServiceNow platform without having to switch between systems. This saves time, helps to reduce errors and provides a better signing experience for employees, vendors and customers.

With out-of-the-box integrations into ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery, HR Service Delivery, and IntegrationHub, you can leverage an automated workflow. Use Docusign eSignature for electronic signatures, including ad-hoc documents uploaded as an attachment and documents generated from Docusign templates then, end users can attach the document to a ServiceNow record. It also provides real-time tracking of recipient signing status and envelope status.

Learn more about Docusign for ServiceNow.

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online Advanced allows small businesses to save money and time by digitizing and automating the agreement process. Any business document that would have been signed with a wet signature before can be signed with the faster and more secure Docusign eSignature. With QuickBooks Online Advanced, estimates can be drafted, sent, tracked, shared and stored quickly and automatically.

Learn more about Docusign for Quickbooks.


Zoom has allowed us all to replicate in-person meetings virtually. Now, with Docusign eSignature for Zoom, there’s no need to wait until after the meeting–or even switch apps during the meeting–to review and sign documents. eSignature for Zoom eliminates the email back and forth and allows senders and signers to discuss the agreement details live in a Zoom meeting. Signers can then sign the agreement instantly right from within Zoom. This allows virtual, face-to-face signing that accelerates time to agreement while building trust and loyalty.

Learn more about Docusign for Zoom.

Oracle NetSuite

The Docusign for NetSuite connector drastically simplifies the document creation process. In fact, with the click of a button you can create a polished, easily editable, and in some cases pre-populated agreement from a record in your CRM or ERP system. Docusign’s no-code, custom workflows allow organizations to reduce risk by avoiding mistakes caused by human error. What’s more, this integration can track documents more easily, store signatures and even accept payments at the time of signature.

Learn more about Docusign for NetSuite


Docusign for Workday leverages eSignature to replace inefficient paper-based processes. This helps save money, speed up agreement turnaround time, and support compliance efforts while boosting candidate and employee satisfaction. The Docusign eSignature integration was built by Workday as part of its Business Process Framework, which allows it to support 400+ business processes, including HCM, Student, Payroll, and Financial Management. Deployment is easy with pre-built integration, so no technical expertise is needed.

Learn more about Docusign for Workday.


Forget chasing down signatures ever again and handling repetitive tasks. The Docusign Zapier app lets you easily connect Docusign eSignature to thousands of apps. Once connected, you can automatically pull in customer data and send out envelopes. Once signed, agreement data can easily be pushed to other apps and tools for greater visibility and quick follow-up.

Learn more about how to automate Docusign with Zapier, then check out their integrations page for more information.


From closing important deals to new customer trial setups, the Hubspot integration removes unnecessary friction to create a smoother sending and signing experience. Integrate HubSpot with Docusign eSignature to get a complete picture of your contract lifecycle, deal or company — to keep your business moving forward.

Learn how to simplify your workflow and optimize your HubSpot-Docusign integration in the following Docusign blog post, and this integration workflow page by HubSpot. 


Generate, sign and track all the documents that power your business agreements from this Smartsheet integration. This integration allows you to streamline the creation and execution of all your required business documents. Ultimately, it allows you to reduce costs and time to sign by planning, managing and reporting on document workflows directly in Smartsheet. 


The Make integration connects all your favorite apps to Docusign — all in just a few clicks. Choose specific triggers, actions and searches to create custom Docusign workflows with Make.

Additionally, Make offers several templated workflow examples — with several popular apps you can use right off the bat — to collect signatures via Docusign and ensure you’re keeping track of everything going on in your agreement process.

Explore 900+ integrations

Docusign is the industry leader in electronic signatures–and it shows. With over 900 integration solutions, there’s probably a Docusign app for your enterprise software of choice.

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