Improve Business Efficiency With the New Docusign for NetSuite Integration

Contracts are the foundation of many business processes. But before a contract like a NDA, PO, MSA or order form can be signed, it must be generated and approved, usually with multiple rounds of redlining and legal review. While most agreements can be prepared from templates, or by copying and editing an existing document, they still require sales reps—or worse, customers—to manually fill in fields with information and send around paperwork. Typos and errors only cause rework and delays,and that’s assuming the rep uses the right template in the first place. Research shows that 63% of sales professionals report rework due to manual errors in contracts.

Today, sales reps, sourcing managers and operations professionals should be able to click a button and generate a polished yet easily editable agreement right from a record in your CRM or ERP system—based on the correct template with most, if not all, of the fields already pre-filled—and automatically route it to the right approvers or signers in the right order.

And once the agreement is signed, downstream processes need to be executed, such as provisioning the customer account or initiating billing. Connecting the completion of the contract to other systems that need to act on it saves your sales team valuable time. A signed agreement document can be automatically stored with the proper record in your system of record. A billing system can be automatically notified, or you can even accept payments as part of the signing-completion process. Most importantly, employees do not need to spend their time executing or monitoring these tasks; they can get back to business.

The Docusign for NetSuite connector is the easiest way for users of NetSuite to close more deals by collecting, tracking, and storing signatures from customers all from within NetSuite. The new version of the Docusign for Netsuite integration (v2020.09) includes two new features: Custom Button Forms and Merge Fields.

Custom buttons allow NetSuite administrators to create custom workflows that their users can trigger with a click of a button. For example, an organization can create a button to send an NDA to a new prospect (see image below) with a pre-filled email message and document to sign. Then, sales representatives can quickly and easily trigger this workflow within the NetSuite record.

Record with custom button for sales contract

Before this new release, custom buttons required an administrator to write JavaScript using Docusign API documentation, often a time-consuming and error-prone process. The new Custom Button Forms (see image below) provide a code-free user interface for custom buttons.

Creating a custom button

Netsuite custom button form

Custom Button Forms drastically simplify the creation and maintenance of custom Docusign workflows in NetSuite, reducing time to value and increasing the flexibility, agility, and efficacy of your NetSuite CRM and ERP implementation.

The process of sending a contract, PO, invoice, or any other type of document for electronic signature has never been easier: just click the “Send with Docusign” button from an Opportunity, Estimate, Customer, or custom object to send documents out for signature, populated with the appropriate recipient information. Use the “Sign with Docusign” button to sign or include additional information to a document attached to a record. 

New to Custom Button Forms are Merge Fields. Merge Fields automatically import data from NetSuite into a Docusign template so that recipients do not need to manually enter data before signing. The template fields are pre-populated, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone data entry for the sender and streamlining the signing experience. Custom Button Forms work with both CRM and ERP record types, so users can build custom workflows to suit their sales motions, customer interactions, invoicing, procurement orders, and more.

Available NetSuite record types for Custom Button Forms:

  • Customer
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Opportunity
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order

Available options for Custom Button Forms include:

  • Custom email subject
  • Custom email message
  • Load record attachments automatically
  • Load record contacts automatically
  • Envelope Void Date
  • Attach additional documents
  • Send to additional recipients
  • Merge NetSuite fields into Docusign template

Join us for a live webinar on January 14 to get an in-depth demo of the new integration, or check out integration documentation for more information. 

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