Driving Contract Intelligence in SAP Ariba with Docusign Insight

Organizations expect today’s procurement teams to do much more than just control expenses. Procurement professionals are expected to deliver business value and insights across the entire set of source-to-pay processes. Many procurement teams rely on SAP Ariba and the Docusign Agreement Cloud to optimize contract management, tax management, spend analysis, invoice and supplier management.

Spend analytics solutions such as Ariba help procurement professionals better manage suppliers and spending by providing insights about which suppliers they work the most with and whether they are paying according to the relevant terms in contracts. In the same way, procurement teams need to analyze detailed data in the contracts managed by SAP Ariba to identify risks and opportunities. But the complexities with searching for and understanding contract clauses in agreements makes this more difficult than analyzing simple keywords, especially when the agreement isn’t in a readable format.

Know what’s in your agreements with contract analytics

Recent Forrester research commissioned by Docusign found 59% of respondents struggle with the inability to effectively search all agreements’ full text and 35% have missed deadlines for renegotiation or other contract obligations. Not knowing what is in your agreements is even more problematic in a landscape of new industry regulations, supply chain disruptions, and rapidly changing business needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Your team spent significant time upfront negotiating volume-based discounts but how do you track whether the discount is applied when you reach the volume? How do you know which agreements you may need to repaper based on changing policies or obligations? 

Contract analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can help deliver better insight into your contracts. Docusign Insight offers advanced contract analytics to help procurement teams identify risks, obligations and opportunities within contracts. Docusign Insight enables Ariba users to search all contracts, auto-populate metadata fields and analyze the remaining unstructured data. Insight is the only AI contract analytics partner for SAP Ariba. 

Docusign Insight gives you a more in-depth understanding of what is in your contracts to help: 

  • Identify and qualify savings opportunities
  • Assess commercial and legal risk exposure
  • Accelerate the ability to meet and maintain emerging compliance requirements
  • Drive global contract obligation and term visibility
  • Search agreements by Ariba metadata, legal concept and terms, not just keywords
  • Cleanse Ariba procurement metadata

Connecting SAP Ariba and Docusign Insight is an easy way for procurement teams to immediately add more value for stakeholders, providing insightful dashboards, spend analytics augmentation and granular reporting within SAP Ariba.

Want to see how it works? Learn more by watching our virtual event Driving Contract Intelligence in SAP Ariba with Docusign Insight.