10 Things You Can Do With eSignature Beyond Signing

Whether your business is sending dozens or hundreds of documents for signing each day, you’ve likely already discovered how Docusign eSignature makes completing contracts frictionless. But there’s even more eSignature can do to improve the signing experience. As a Docusign customer, you have access to many eSignature features that can enhance your work and produce rewards in efficiency, experience, and security.

4 features to deliver a better signing experience

A streamlined, user-friendly signing experience enables signers to complete forms faster. This allows deals to close more quickly and companies to realize revenue sooner. eSignature makes it quick and easy for users to sign, verify signatures, and augment signatures from anywhere at any time. And with seamless brand identity features, your company branding is always front and center.

Even though you regularly use eSignature, you may not be as aware of the following four features. They open the door to exciting possibilities for how you can use eSignature for an even better digital-first experience with your customers and employees.

1. Mobile-friendly features: eSignature offers enhanced mobile signing with responsive documents that automatically adjust to the size and orientation of the user’s device. Senders can take responsiveness even further by defining custom formatting options. With responsive signing, you and your customers eliminate annoying pinching and zooming that leads to high abandonment rates. And to make sure your customers get their agreements quickly, SMS delivery and notifications lets you reach customers at any time wherever they are.

2. Elastic Signing: With Elastic Signing, you can embed your agreements directly into websites or applications—as well as fully customize backgrounds, fonts, and colors to add brand-specific elements—for a seamless and visually engaging signing experience. You can also insert dynamic content to personalize each agreement for individual signers. Enhanced convenience, trust and personalization increase completion rates, which goes directly toward boosting your bottom line.

3. Drawing: The Drawing field allows both senders and signers to upload and mark up images to specific areas within the document. For instance, when signing a contract to install a new fence, signers can use the Drawing field to indicate its specific location on a house survey plan. The ability to “show” (over “tell”) saves time and leads to faster resolutions.

4. Notarization: Docusign Notary brings the notarization process into the digital age, allowing notaries public to conduct remote online notarization securely through an encrypted audio-visual session. Being able to notarize via a safe and secure digital platform saves time and enhances convenience for all parties; there’s no need to schedule in-person meetings. To use Docusign Notary*, organizations must use notaries public commissioned in one of the supported states.

Increase productivity with 5 features to streamline sending

Streamlining your sending workflows lets your teams get the most out of the resources they already have. Having an all-in-one comprehensive tool is an asset when you’re trying to grow, improve profitability, or hold off competition.

1. Bulk Send: It can take enormous time to route forms to a large number of recipients one-by-one. Bulk Send cuts the time cost to just minutes with bulk signature collection. Documents based on a standard form can be sent from 10 to as many as 1,000 recipients with fields populated based on individual information, making numerous use cases—like new company policies that all employees need to sign—a whole lot easier.

2. Templates: Many businesses send hundreds of documents a month, often using standard forms. Templates allow you to reuse repeatable information for each form with placeholders for individual recipients, making it easier to send common forms such as W-4, I-9, non-disclosure agreements, and others. You can also create your own templates for forms specific to your organization. When looked at across lines of business, departments, and geographies, the time and cost savings of using templates is exponential.

3. Agreement Actions: Post-agreement actions—such as archiving, exporting, and routing documents—are essential. That’s why Agreement Actions is a boon to companies looking to improve efficiency. In addition to document storage functionality, more complex actions—such as an automatic trigger to send a second agreement on the completion of a first—are also part of Agreement Actions.

4. Advanced Routing: By using clicks, not code, users can automatically route documents to the correct parties via routing rules. Conditional routing allows eSignature users to automate complex routing scenarios based on data contained within the agreement. With advanced routing, bottlenecks are eliminated and time-to-completion speeds up.

5. PowerForms: PowerForms are secure self-service online documents. Drawing on the capabilities of Templates, they enable you to capture signatures and data when you don’t know who the signers are in advance, like when customers need to sign a waiver or a release form. Importantly, you can make PowerForms available to users with links in your website or email—while retaining security and control.

Integrate with the applications most-used by businesses

eSignature also supports integrations with powerful and widely-used business application platforms, including:

With a library of 400+ integrations, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to manage all the tools you need for signing without ever having to leave the platform you’re working in. eSignature integrations drive deals forward, boost productivity, and improve your customer experience.

The e-signature that goes beyond to cover all needs 

Yes, e-signature solutions facilitate signing. But today’s business landscape requires looking at the entire picture and finding ways to be more efficient at every step. Docusign eSignature incorporates powerful features to help companies do more and save more. The signing platform that’s trusted by more businesses is also the platform that provides major advantages and better experiences for your customers and employees alike.

Learn more about the extensive functionality offered by eSignature.

*Docusign Notary is built on Docusign eSignature but requires a separate purchase.