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Your small business faces constant challenges in today’s marketplace. offers tools to help you succeed. Now you can download the Docusign app to sign contracts directly in monday sales CRM, built on top of and track the status of the agreement.

monday sales CRM is a powerful product – but once you’ve reached an agreement with the customer, then what? You need a solution to get the contract into the hands of signers—and get it back. Handling the long and complex agreement process manually eats up massive amounts of time and introduces risks. As your company tries to grow, these inefficiencies slow you down.

Docusign eSignature for monday sales CRM is a streamlined solution that integrates seamlessly into your sales process. You can originate contracts, distribute to signers, and receive signatures, all within monday sales CRM. All this comes with a professional-looking interface to really wow your clients.

Here are four reasons why installing the Docusign eSignature app in monday sales CRM makes strategic sense for growing businesses.

1. Save time

Manually handling contracts is a time-consuming process. If you’re weighed down with the manual labor of originating and routing contracts, scanning them onto your computer system, and filing paper copies, that’s less time spent building relationships with customers—time a small company can’t afford to lose.

By bringing Docusign eSignature right into monday sales CRM, your sales team never has to leave the platform. You can populate documents with customer data already stored in your CRM database. Fewer clicks and less time chasing down approvals frees up your sales team to expedite contracts with greater speed and efficiency.

2. Speed time to close

Growing companies need to move fast. While you spend time writing, approving, and signing contracts, opportunities fly out the window. With eSignature you spend less time revising errors thanks to auto-populated contact fields. Plus, once a customer has the contract, they can sign immediately using their computer or mobile device.

A faster close is a bigger win for both your company and for your customers. You recognize revenue sooner, and your customers receive their products and services faster. 

3. Get visibility into the status of your deal

In a fast-growing company, visibility is crucial – what’s being drafted, who’s reviewing, who still needs to sign, and what next steps need to happen once the contract is fully executed.

eSignature provides the visibility you and your customers need. With the eSignature app in monday sales CRM, you can view the status of your contracts in real time, allowing your team to do what they need to do to move forward—avoiding the stalls that can delay signing a contract.

4. Improve the customer experience

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. Docusign eSignature provides a polished and streamlined interface for SMBs. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, but thanks to eSignature, you can be sure that you make a good one every single time.

The tools available with eSignature also improve customer experience in another key area: trust. With eSignature for monday sales CRM, you avoid errors introduced by re-entering key information. Plus, eSignature’s audit trail means you (and your customer) know where you stand at all times.

How to integrate eSignature into monday sales CRM

Integrating Docusign eSignature into your monday sales CRM interface is simple. These steps tell you how; they are also shown in this video.

  1. From the app marketplace, install the Docusign app. Once you’ve done so, refresh the page to add the new column to your interface. 
  2. Click the “Integrate” button, search for the app, and add it to the board. You will automatically be sent the integration recipe to configure the app settings. 
  3. Set the recipe to read: “When an envelope associated with this email is updated, update Status, File, and Last Updated.”
  4. Open the Docusign eSignature item view. Prepare to send a document by clicking “Start Now” or “Send Envelope.” Add files and recipients. Then add signature fields to guide your recipients through the document. 

Status and Last Updated will reflect progress on the envelope signatures and show when the last update was made. The Files column will receive the signed documents of your recipients and include an official summary document.

Accelerate your sales with eSignature for monday sales CRM

Growing a company and accelerating sales is a multifaceted challenge. Get eSignature for monday sales CRM for all the tools you need to manage the full contract lifecycle and support your sales team. 

Learn more about how Docusign eSignature can help you save time, speed time to close, gain visibility, and improve your customer experience.

Yasamin Yousefi
E-Signature Expert
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