DocuSign for Windows 8

Download the DocuSign Ink for Windows 8 Quick Start Guide.

Sending a document

You can send a document in 4 easy steps with DocuSign for Windows 8.

  1. Select your recipients. You can either type in an email address or select a recipient from your contacts. Add any number of recipients.
    Select your recipients
  2. Add the documents for signature. Add files saved on your Windows 8 device or import files from any cloud storage app. You can add one or multiple files to the same envelope, and DocuSign supports all main file formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDFs and many others.
    Add the documents for signature
  3. Customize the subject line and email message. Personalize the envelope information for your recipients.
    Customize the subject line and email message
  4. Set reminders. Turn reminders on to automatically remind recipients of documents that need to be signed.

Tracking document status

Easily track the status of your documents with DocuSign’s visual interface.

  1. Understand document status at a glance. A green check mark indicates that the document has been signed by all parties. A red timer indicates that the document has not been fully executed. The number in the lower right shows how many parties still need to sign.
    Tracking document status
  2. Get more information. Tap on any of the “manage document” tiles to review envelope details, recipients, and attached documents.
    Add the documents for signature

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